Hello Chick lit?


Great! And thank you. I’m off to read my friend’s story off Wattpad. She rewrote on of her Wattpad stories and is looking for feedback. So many books. So little time! I should take a speed reading course. I’m only sorta kidding.

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I know! If you find one, let me know!! LOL




Oh wow. I think the set up is great so far and you should definitely feel proud. I really like her photos. Your friend did good capturing the atmosphere and creating a feeling of serenity in her photos. You look so pretty. :grin:


Thank you, B.

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Ok so don’t judge me but, :shushing_face:

I wrote down a bunch of users on here that either like, read, write Chicklit. (I’m not a stalker)
I don’t know what to do with this information right now, But! I did suggest a support/book group (not club) :smirk:


Hey does anyone know of any Chick lit book clubs? I’m looking to join one.


@EmpressPenguin was JUST talking about creating one. I’m not totally clear how that works, but I’m open to being part of it!

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Actually, I guess she was talking about a group.

What would a chick lit book club look like? Would this be where everyone reads and discusses a certain book? Or…???


I’m not 100% sure how too many book clubs work but i know there’s read on certain book involved :thinking:
So maybe take turns giving feedback (anonymously) on a ‘book of the month’?


I was thinking of like a group were writers can read though each others chick lit stories as well as recommend other stories to read. Someone was telling me about a such a group for fantasy but that is was full. And I thought well damn I want to be in a group like that.

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Thats a good idea. Maybe have a separate account or whoever want to be in charge can make a big reading list for members to pick out


That sounds like a good idea. There would have to be some limit to the number of books I can read at one time (I’m sure everyone is the same with real life stuff and outside reading, etc.). How many people do you think would be manageable?

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One question, do the rating is changing every day?


I have absolutely no clue. I’ve never been involved in club likes. This I probably wouldn’t want to go over twenty people. You’d want to keep it somewhat intimate.


I suppose it could just be limited to 20. Everyone could have a current Work In Progress (WIP) in the list. Then everyone could read everyone else’s books as beta readers.

Anyone else interested? If you want, I am willing to start it. Unless someone else wants to. I’d be happy to NOT do it if someone is interested. I’m not really sure how to go about it but I can learn. But I also want to make sure we have at least 3 or 5 people to start. We could invite some people if we know any, too. I might also want to make this a limited time thing OR if there can be a transfer of admins…I think it would just be a matter of giving the admins the signins and passwords, right? Maybe there can be a club “president” for a limited amount of time and then someone else gets to do it. What do you all think?


I pay ZERO attention to the rankings any more. They seem pretty random. And even when I search by a hashtag, the book doesn’t show up on the list where the ranking says it will. It’s pretty sketchy. I just go by reads and votes and am quietly amused now by the ranking. The OLD system they had was much, much, much more accurate and helpful to see how the books stacked up against each other.

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I just did a quick search for writing groups and man, it seems rather complicated. I would want something a little less structured while also keeping it small enough so that we’d know if someone wasn’t keeping up his/her end of the bargain, so to speak. I don’t want to have rules. I don’t want to have assigned partners. I don’t want to have an assigned book that everyone has to read by a certain time. I think what I would want is something like this “club” here on the community. What if we just created a profile that went along with a community club and everyone who was an official member could have their book in the reading list. Then we simply try to read and comment on each other’s WIPS? We can then discuss elements on the club. All we need is a name and we can start a new thread here on the Chick Lit genre club area.

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We can cap it to 20 members on the WIP reading list. If someone drops out or if the book is finished, the author could chose to have it put on a second “completed” reading list on the profile or taken off completely. Then we could accept a new person to post their WIP on the reading list. There would only be 20 books on the WIP reading list at a time. And it would be the honor system.

But it would be a good chance to get some feedback and learn from each other. And other people could read the books, too, of course. There could be some “cross-promotion” in the form of a contest or something now and again…would have to think about that. Okay…let me know who, if anyone, is interested.

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Oh one more thing. We could have a third list that is just “chick lit books we love” or something for the books we find that are good examples of the genre.

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