Hello Chick lit?


I’d be down to join this group. I’m actually really excited :heart::heart::clap::clap:


Sounds like a good idea :+1:


@EmpressPenguin and @IzzyJFitz Okay, I will work on it on Sunday. Do either of you have a name that we could use? Probably better to keep it simple rather than too clever so it will show up in searches.


Not right off the bat. I’ll think about it though


Chicklit Nest (this one came to me while eating lol)

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I’m quite pretty interested. Umm…talking about name… ‘A club for chick-lit’ or ‘Reading club for chick-lit’?
I don’t know, I’m also eating nachos.


Oh that is so cute! Okay, I didn’t get to this today as I got involved in outlining my next story. The ChickLit Nest it is! It makes sense because we are “incubating” our writing craft. I think both of you should have admin privileges so I will give you the password once I get it set up.

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Awesome! Sounds like a plan lol


I have started working on the Nest. I’m going to put @EmpressPenguin @gracemark11 @IzzyJFitz and myself on there as the first four members since we are the ones talking about starting the group. Please send me the links to the exact stories you want in the reading list which I am calling The Fledgling List because these are our little baby stories in the nest that we hope to grow into fully-formed books, right? When anyone else wants to join, they will send an application with the name of their story so we can vet the story and make sure it is really chick lit. Sound good?


The Nest. OMG Thats the best.


I know! Excellent job!

Hey all, I’ve created the group profile and followed. Check it out. https://www.wattpad.com/user/ChickLit_Nest

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I’m gonna read through some day. I already have a few in mind but I want to make sure they are the whole package. Not just creativity but the editing and writing style. I think a lot of stories on here are super creative but are just missing the readability element.


Yes, now to get our hens in check lol


I added your book to the list…I hope that was okay. If not, I will take it off. I just wanted to start the list. I don’t currently have a book to put up! I mean, I have old ones, but I’m about to start one that I’d like feedback on.

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I think we can take a little time to get our “ducks in a row” haha.

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I feel a little schizo going back and forth from my account to the other. Let me know if anyone wants to change anything or comes up with a better banner heading or photo. Or ideas. Whatever. I don’t want to do this alone.

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Will do👍


Posted a link to my picture ideas on the CLN (ChickLitNest):point_left:


No thanks I appreciate it


Oh, okay. I will take it off. Do you still want to be a member of the group?

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