Hello, new to the community.

I’ve been gone awhile, and only working on my books sporadically due to some serious personal issues in my life. I’m back now and would love to meet other wattpad members, and learn more about what wattpad is like now as a community.

Soooo…I’m Andrea! Yoroshiku!


Hi, welcome back to Wattpad!

In an odd place myself; started writing (truly terrible stuff) on Wattpad around five years ago, and back now as one of those silent readers. It’s quite different from how it used to be :joy:


Haha, I think we all have that one manuscript we’d rather not be used as the bar for literary achievement. :joy:


Hi Andrea, I’m Andy. I have been on Wattpad since October. Nice to meet you

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Hi Andy. :slight_smile: Do you like it here so far?

Yes, I do. Most of the people here are friendly. I have had some negative encounters when getting into religious decisions with people. Other than that, all of my experiences have been positive.

I have been writing for 6 years now and I love answering questions new readers have.

I also enjoy checking out stories by people on here whose stories don’t have very many reads or votes.


How’s it going, Andrea. I’m Sondi, and it’s nice to have you back. How are you settling into things? Got new stories for us? What do you write?

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Awe, welcome back Andrea!

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Hi lesserknown1,
I’m actually just trying to finish the series I started. I wrote “Diary of a Non-Conformist Vampire Victim” which was hugely successful. The book is only the first in a 5 part series, where it ends with the readers getting to choose who Christine (FMC) stays with forever. Unfortunately the passing of my daughter delayed the second book, and then just as I was getting into the swing of things again, my house caught on fire. -.-

We’re still not settled yet, but I miss writing.


I try not to talk about religion or politics with anyone. It’s such a slippery slope.

I confess most of the works I’ve fallen in love with on wattpad are the bigger novels. What’s your favorite find so far?

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That’s so sad to hear, I hope you’re doing better, now :slight_smile:
I’ve heard about your book before! xD I hope you keep writing, everything I’ve heard is fantastic :wink:

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Oh really? It’s been such a long time I figured it was forgotten. Nice to know there is still some love for it. :slight_smile: Looks like the second book is doing okay though, it’s ranked under unicorns.

What do you write?

I’ve just recently started publishing a dark fantasy trilogy I’ve been working on for a while. A little adventure, a little horror, a little romance. It’s pretty fun :wink:

I like the short stories myself, but the best find that I have discovered on here that fits my taste is a story called “The Nice Guy In The Chalk Outline.”

I extend my sincerest condolences, Andrea. I hope writing can become an outlet for you. But take your time, healing. Thank you for sharing such intimate details because I know it’s difficult to present our most vulnerable selves to strangers, and, indeed, these are vulnerable times for you. Should you need a listening ear, please don’t hesitate to reach out via messages on Wattpad. I’m always available to chat and be a sounding board.

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That’s very kind of you. I will definitely keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

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salut je suis nouveau aussi et j’ais écris un début d’histoire que je prépare depuis des année dite moi ce que vous en pensé. merci a tous d’avance

Hello, welcome back! Hope everything in your life is better now❤️

I’m a Wattpad noob. Just joined & immediately started writing on Wattpad since 2 weeks ago😁

Hello,my lovelies. How’re you now, @AndreaKuska