Hello there...come introduce yourself


Hello there lovely people…My name is James Connor and I was once new on wattpad and needed people to socialise with {I was mostly lost half the time…but oh well} so this is the social panel, where you can be you…topics are whatever you want to talk about really…welcome my new friends, come make some more


Hey heyy
My name is Neysa and I am new here! This seems perfect haha


Hello. My name is Noneof Yourbusiness. Just kidding, it’s Michelle… or is it…? Ignore me.


when you say that its very difficult to do so you see, the ignoring part


hello Neysa welcome welcome


That is the point.


:joy::joy: I like you Michelle




Thank you. I’m here all hour. :bowing_woman:


You’re very new to the forums, huh? New to Wattpad too or just this section?


how long have you been on wattpad ? if you don’t mind me asking


just joined although i did read on wattpad, just hadn’t made an account for some reason
i guess better late than never


Ah, well, welcome to the full experience then. Plan to do any writing?


all hour, aye? is that a challenge i hear?


Nope. Just my bedtime.


not really, not as of yet atleast
how about you guys? do any writing ?


i think it would be exactly 15 hours x


I write. I’m trying to write rightly right now in between replies.


…hmm, I think I forced that a little too much.


oh for realllsss
what you writing? would love to read it maybe?