Hello there...come introduce yourself


hey sorry to jump in here
but was wondering is James Connor a real name? just curious


I’m curious too but didn’t want to bring it up.


“great minds think alike and fools seldom differ”


:grin: hey I didn’t choose the name, was given at birth




wow i actually like it, seems to suit you for some reason
but don’t take my word for it, i barely know you haha ;))


That’s a compliment on my part…so thank you




Am I alone here?


I’m still here


Don’t let the group die


Long live the Group!


So how’s procrastinating going?


Not well, I wrote another fifty words. :thinking: If I wanted to write, I would have written none and the procrastination would be going strong.


I guess I will let you get back to it? Write more I’m rooting for you


lol I can be both here and writing.


I don’t know how you work. But I could never do two things at the same time, kinda jealous (not in the wrong way haha x


True. You do now though. :smirk: I always get interrupted no matter what I’m doing, so learning to multitask was necessary.


It’s 11:48 here what time is it over there?


5:50 AM