Hello there...come introduce yourself


Wtf how are you awake? Cannot believe you it’s pm btw here I was just about to go to sleep


I’m a vampire. I’m about to go to sleep too but because the sun will be rising soon.


I cannot for life wake up before 7


Same, same.


If you don’t mind sharing are you in high school or…?


Nope. I’m a nineteen-year-old high school drop out. I have a job but work weird hours so my sleep schedule doesn’t matter much.


Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone…

You guys can call me Saff or Saffy,

And I just want someone to talk to, so I thought, ‘hey, maybe if I can talk to strangers in wattpad I can make some more friends in other countries…’ having been a silent reader for almost three years, I thought I should change things up a bit… :slight_smile:


Hey same I’m 18 but gonna turn 19 very soon haha. Currently looking for work but it’s hard really can’t find a decent place


Hey there Safff!!
I’m Neysa.


Hi! where you from??


From a planet called earth haha!!
Jks im from Sydney, Australia


I have to go. Goodnight.


Hahaha nice
I’m from the philippines :smiley:


Oh cooolll


Cya! Don’t be a stranger




Yeah just a short abbreviation of see you later.


Hi everyone. I’m Esha and I am new to Wattpad:))


Hi Esha!
Love the name and welcome to wattpad although I’m new around here as well


Thank you​:blush::blush::blush::blush: