Hello there...come introduce yourself


You don’t suck at making conversations don’t say that! And no lol I’m not really a manga lover :frowning:


Then what other things are you interested in?


Hmmm I like everything that is related to music and also tv shows :slight_smile: wbu?


I also love music. What kind of music are you into?


Well I don’t really know how to call it, but I like calm songs (some people says these are depressive songs lol) and I really love The Fray they are great!!


Hi James, I’m Akia and I’m 15 years old.


Hello I am Lindsay and I am in English with annoying people


Oh…I kind of like the rock genre,especially J-rock.


The Fray has some kind of rock in some of their songs, but it’s not a hard rock at all lol


puts the ‘Rick Harrison Pawn Shop’ copypasta