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My name is Abby and I’m looking for stories that can blow my socks off. Think you could be one of them? Well, keep reading…


What you should know

This thread is open to ALL stories. Yes, that means all stories. When I accept your story, I will let you know. After I have read your story, I will come back here and tag you in your review. You can enter as many stories as you would like. I don’t have a timeline as I have a child, so I can usually only read at night. When your review is done, I will tell you what chapter I stopped at and why. Remember these are my thoughts. I am not trying to be mean, but I am brutal. I will hold nothing back, so if you can’t take that heat and want someone to sugarcoat it for you, then get out of my kitchen! On the other hand, if you feel that your story will win my heart over or you want real critiques, then feel free to follow the form below.
I’m not a normal critic that just reviews your story and then takes no interest in you. As a critic, I want you to succeed. I want your story to flourish. I want stories like yours to be seen. So, I’m harsh to show you your weaknesses. That way, you can fix them and your story can soar. I do this because I care about you. I want you to keep writing, but most importantly I want you to keep improving.



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Please note that if I am not always accepting requests for chapter by chapter. If this option is crossed out like that, then know that I am not accepting those type of requests.
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:joy::joy: it’s hard to tell if you’d like the story just because it is my story and I’d be biased and also because you might not love it but someone else might.(interest vary)




From the multitude of books I read on Wattpad, the one that did blow me away was this one, so I am going to recommend it to you. I will recommend it to anyone. It is exquisitely written, and it is a page turner:

The Ants That Carried Us



I have added story in my list will read it soon and tell you. My thoughts


Nibble. I’d love to see how engaging my story is. As was said earlier in the chat, it’s hard to tell if your story is great only to you or shared.

Name: Nalite Hunter: Azarias Drake

Genre: Fantasy

Chapters: 6 currently

Ongoing or completed: ongoing


I will get to it soon and get back to you with my thoughts


Thank you!!


YOU’RE welcome


Do you read in french?


no I don’t I wish I did sorry


Well I got a translation ongoing but I fear that it wont be good enough for you


I could try it if it is somewhat translated


Name; Ichayval

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Chapters: About 33 but not all are translated

Ongoing or completed: Completed but in translation


When I am done reading it I shall write my thoughts here for you. Review


Thanks a lot, this is indeed really appreciated. You don’t have to comment on grammar and sentences. Tell me more about the ideas, characters and the plot please :slight_smile:


will do


I don’t suppose you read horror or psychological plots, do you?
From the look of your page, disturbing and mind-draining plots are something you may not like.

Just thought I should ask so I won’t bother you with my story.


will read anything if it is like. Scary creepy just let me. Know. So I can turn on all the light in my house while I read it haha


Haha. You badass! =p

OK. Here it goes:

Title: Got Guts?
Genre: Horror (Psychological Thriller)
Chapters: There are currently 36 chapters
Status: Ongoing (only 5 chapters left to mark it complete)

Thanks for doing this ^-^

It’s my first story and I’m really looking to improve my writing and I’m also looking for encouragements here and there to know what I’m doing right.