☠️Hell's Critiques (Always Open 50% & hell 50% friendship)



Thsts amazing


Wha is that


You’ll be doing that with me. I’ve got a tonne of chapters! >:D


:pensive: my story’s gonna 100% be cut off


what’s the link? if I can’t see it either it might be a bug idk

but like i can help you ask around if its a known issue etc


To be honest I will never cut your story no. Matter what.


It is. I think she said she’ll be busy around Christmas, so I’ll be cut off from her for a while. XD


It’s so nice to have you :joy:




aaah I thought you were only gonna cut off the 30 chapter ones :frowning_face:

i am gonna get cut off


Watch me make a vampire story that impresses Abby thojgh


I promised you I would stick by you with your story


That means a lot :sob:


Nope I promised you too I would stick with you


pheeew :hushed:

when you get bored out of your mind, i’ll feel so bad :shushing_face:


Yes you guys I promised but others I am not going to it’s a lot and. I have a family too. And if they aren’t appreciating what I do. I’m not going to continue doing it I’m not like other critics I’m taking the time to do it I don’t have to and it’s free. But some people don’t appreciate that


I doubt I will


Yaaay :nerd_face:


You’re gonna help your internet family! (us) :smiley: XD


): they should youre one of a kind