☠️Hell's Critiques (Always Open 50% & hell 50% friendship)



Exactly you know you guys have stuck by me you actually made this thread flourish. So I’m going to stick by you guys no matter what to help you with your stories to get them noticed the other people if I get to chapter 2 and I’m bored I’m going to let them know I’m sorry but I can no longer do chapter by chapter it’s time-consuming and I don’t want to read his whole story that’s just going to bore.


Will you be remaking a thread for Hell’s Critiques 2 soon when it overloads ;o


I hope you thought at least the description of mine was interesting


Yes I will when this closes I will be making another hells critique not sure if I can use the same name or if I have to put like part two or whatever I’ll find out


I’ve actually been with you longer than I’ve been with anybody on this thread. So in the end I won’t cut you either so you don’t have to worry


maybe tag me and a few others when you do make no.2


Yup! We’ve made this thread flourish so much that you have tonnes of requests and a thread that’s getting ever closer to closing! XD#
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a critique thread close due to hitting 10,000 posts. XD


When my new thread gets made I already have you guys on a list to be tagged


But I think with this one it’s not just about critiquing it’s about talking and help each other out it’s a altogether Community thread if you think about it. Because we’ve had people speaking French in this thread we’ve had people help each other out with their stories in this thread we’ve had people even bounce ideas off each other in this thread. You don’t find that in any other thread


waiting for my battery to die, will prolly focus on reading some chapter-by-chapters on my kindlleee


What. It at???


8% rip. ive only used it for like 2.5 hrs idk why its dying so quickly. but i have like 1-2 hrs free


That’s crazy


On a! Beaucoup de gens différents!
This is a #story-services #improve-your-writing #the-cafe thread all wrapped up in one! >:D


Hell’s Kitchen XD


My laptop dies in less than ten minutes if I take the charger out. XD


and now I need to deny :sob:


That’s long as hell


Ouch… after waiting that long, depending on who they are, they could go either way…


I know but I swore that I remembered denying that person ):