☠️Hell's Critiques (Always Open 50% & hell 50% friendship)



Yeah. I think it starts at like 50 and goes to about 300, though I’m not sure.
I always run out. I must battle Wattpad for this to change someday! XD


Well you comment whst you want your nickname to be and I will post it and call you buy it. But I am off to bed for the night I will talk to you guys tomorrow


woah XD




I actually think it goes more than 300 because I have literally starred 1000 post in my thread and then ran out




Haha. My nickname is almost always Malus. XD






Wattpad will see me and my army of slightly frustrated users! >:D


Ah, maybe then. It’s still annoying to run out all of the time. XD


Morning guys! :heart:


good morning c:

it’s 3am here, too early.


It’s 1am and I am a w a k e.


Can’t sleep?


I think that’s about when I went to sleep yesterday


It would be nice to sleep now but I can’t. Just chilling out listening to some asmr, might write.


yeah, i’m habitually nocturnal. but it’s by choice so it’s cool.


oh well. What are you working on?


if you like asmr maybe sleep hypnosis videos would help you sleep? (if that’s what you want) i find they work really well.