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Fantasy story, it’s called Airborn. Are you writing at all?


Oooh, is that a type of asmr?


Just woke up so not atm. Got a lot of editing done yesterday though. :>
Patched up a pretty big plothole in my main story.


That’s nice! I need to catch up on editing. It’s always a satisfying feeling.


Never really had trouble sleeping myself, except when my roommates being scummy tbh.


I’m not sure? they run in a similar vein.


Interesting, I’ll try it out! Thanks!


ABBY! I’m ready! Go on, destroy my book! I am brave!
cowers in his bomb shelter
Name: Awake (the Herokiller Chronicles #1)
Chapters: 1 (currently)
Genre: fantasy
I can’t give the link (thank you, wattpad mobile)
Yeah, chapter by chapter review.


Lucky duck :joy:


Only halfway :'D
That roommate I mentioned is horrible, honestly. People get shocked when I tell people about some of what she’s been up to.




I feel like I some times end up with quotations otta nowhere? Anyone else feels like that’s a thing?


oo, :alien: tell me more? I’m terribly nosy.


if you put > in front or highlight and add quote or [quote][/quote] them it adds a quote :nerd_face:


Honestly I’m not sure what it is. Some times just post a comment, but suddenly I’ve managed to quote someone other then the person I’m replying to??


Hello, just asking for update on review?




I will say this only once. For I get this alot. I do close to 15 reviews a week on top of chapter by chapter. And chapter by chapter is close if not more then 15 week. I am busy with my life as well. So please be patient. If you can not be then maybe find someone who can do it faster. But I update daily. Next week I will have a new list up with books your book will probably be on there. Just depends


hello people and the wonderful abbbbyyy :nerd_face:

oh i need a hug


hug marshmallow what going on