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Yes, it was so great ;o let me know when I should read a few more chapters :heart:


Thank you for your review! It’s been a while since i worked on that story lol and i wasn’t sure whether i still had it in me. I’m glad you enjoyed it and you are now on my official friends list (sorry not sorry)


Okay that’s fine take your time I was just wondering.


It’s okay. By the way what is the name of your story cuz I have like over 60 stories




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miramallows’ original stats
INT (intelligence): 3
DEX (dexterity): 21
FRDS (number of friends): 2

miramallows’ new stats
INT (intelligence): 5
DEX (dexterity): 24
FRDS (number of friends): 3

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No problem for the review though. I really loved it and when I have full queue space, I can let you know so you can fill in the form again :heart:


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Only 2 chapters.


Speak soon!


I will put it on next week’s list when I update the queue Sunday.