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Take your time!


Why does it feel like it’s a Monday when it’s a Friday


Do you have a lot to do? :joy: it feels like a normal day for me. like… a tuesday.


Also mean girls is the best I just watched :sob::revolving_hearts:


I have to review for stories today and then update my reading list for that next week. And then I have an interview today as well and I have to go be an adult and pay some bills do some grocery shopping which I hate. And then maybe I’ll take a nap so don’t forget I have to do chores to


It feels like a Friday.
Cause it is Friday here :joy:


I loved Mean Girls


Most cliches are based on it though
And that annoys me ):


I’ve watched it like 20 times over, never gets old


Sounds like a lot of boring interesting work. No wonder it feels like monday for you lol


Exactly why it feels like a Monday to me


It is Friday omg for me tooo but it feels like tuesday here lol


my book is so cliche like mean girls so rip that


what i visualized e.o




got curious if I could merge letters into a box because perspective is my weak point. the lighting is all wrong e.e


Yes something like that that is beautiful


Ohhh :nerd_face:


i’m thinking something like that would look too text-slappy. You mentioned something heart-shaped to add? Alternatively, what do you think of having a girl stand behind the box and have some tattered letters swirl around her or something?


That would work