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Give me a desc. of the girl? And genre?


Black hair at the time lling thin and sad like heart broken I would say crying


it looks so bad omg :joy::joy: first time attempting something simple without fancy over-saturated glows ._.


Going over the the thread from last night lol. You guys are pretty cool I’m so glad I found this thread. Although I’m pretty sure I’m the oldest one here hehe. But that’s cool I’m def a kid at heart and will always be. I’ve always said I’m never going to grow up and I haven’t yet. :slight_smile:
@Changingface I’m from Chicago too
@AverySummers that sounds like an interesting premise for a book. Maybe the Dad is a Demon and the daughter is half demon and after being summoned to earth she tries to find a way to stay? Ooorrrr maybe she finds her Human mother and has to protect her from the dad? Hmmm… btw I LOVE your graphics! I can not believe you are 14 holy crap that’s awesome. You have so much talent. You will do great things.

I wish I had started writing when I was young lol


Not bad


Now I feel like I gotta redeem myself ;-;


That’s pretty cool for just tossing together lol wow


cough If only she needed a cover for a book about Chinese dragons sighhhh
image image


Lol hmmm might inspire a story for those covers…


I guess good morning, good afternoon and good evening for all you time zoners around the world. :sunglasses:


I hope so! I have a ton of mock-covers just sitting in my files .-. made them for fun but now I want to read something based on those covers


Do you have them posted somewhere?


Nopity. This is the first time I’ve shared them w/ anyone. Ya’ll should feel special!


Oooooh :slight_smile: Cool :sunglasses::sunglasses:


TGIF everyone: so do you take requests for covers?


I don’t, all my graphics are made for hobby. :hugs:


they’re good.


Thank you.


ugh my 5th chapter gave me hell =A=


I can do a chapter by chapter review of your story if you would like. To help you out