☠️Hell's Critiques (Always Open 50% & hell 50% friendship)



Aaah thank you :heart:
I think that would help a lot-
But feel free to stop at any moment for any reason if you’re no longer up for it, k?


And let me know if I can do anything in return!


Trust me I will make an announcement I don’t know if you seen my cute little announcement banners. If anything changes or if I stop reading your story things like that


Like I tell everybody just spread the word about my thread let people know you know that I might see mean but I’m a really nice person


will do my best :stuck_out_tongue:
Not sure if that one friend I brought over here still writes but could actually link her right now


I’d better be included in those friends stats.


Better have me in them too




I’m actually going to finish chapter 27 today :disappointed_relieved:


On which book?




Imperial Moon :grimacing:


Yeah, really this time! I feel bad for the people that have read it up to date. They need a new chapter :joy:


I agree they do


I want to write a story or book. Doesn’t matter what it is about really probably either a mystery or scary story.

But shuffle the chapters around when it’s done. So when you’re reading it, you are jumping back and forth. Piecing together the story as you go until in the end you figure out what really happened.


Back! Went to sleep around 1. Then got up around eight, probably gonna be in slight pain for the next three days or so.

Also completed writing my chapters for the end of the week. Last I wrote Dash was going to go see Syndrome


I am super tired and have i think four story’s today to read


Like Lost.


That is a lot!


I know but I usually have anywhere from 4 to 6 books day