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I’m an auntie again! My sister had her baby today


That’s awesome congrats


Hmmm maybe… wasn’t really thinking about that lol.

The idea came when I was listening to this audiobook and it kept bouncing all over the place. It was hard to follow but when I finished it I was like ooh ok I see. But what I didn’t realize until later was that I had set it to shuffle lol. So after that I was like that’s kind of a cool idea. I thought the writer was being really ingenious when it was only an accidentally pushed button lol.




Im not too experimental myself, but sounds like it could work. have fun with it! :>




That’s a pretty cool concept! Funny that it was accidental lol xD. I read a book that did something similar, with switching around the time line.

I believe (if I remember correctly) The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich is a mystery that contains both the entries of a journal and police logs/pictures/video recordings (described, not an actual clip), each dated differently so that we switch from reading chronologically to skipping forward or backwards. It was very detective-esque, because if you weren’t paying attention to the dates you’d get lost.




You’re a reviewing machine!


I haven’t even seen Lost I just know it’s all muddled around. And that my brother then watched the episodes in chronological order to understand it all.

That’s so funny but you stumbled on such a good idea! It’s just working out how to structure it!
You said further up that you’re the oldest, how old are you if you don’t mind saying?




That explains why you’re so eloquent!


Awww thank you :blush:


I am


You are the oldest one in here


Imperial Moon has 8.8k reads on another app. Just not the app that gives feedback and growth :sob:


playing terminator background theme music




Wow over 8 thousand reads that’s awesome!


It’s bad that I’m sad it’s not on wattpad isn’t it? Wattpad is so much more invested. It’s almost impossible to give feedback on the other app. I’ve added an authors note asking them to follow me here to give feedback and some have, but not many.