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Hey any publicity is good publicity to get readers and attention to your book.


True. Once it’s finished I’ll probably remove it from the other app and just have it here.


What site do you have your book on besides Wattpad


It’s an app called Dreame. It encourages female writers for some reason haha


That’s cool


Heard about it from another Wattpad writer who’s moving all their books over there.


That’s weird. They do offer payment for publishing, but then they hold the online rights of the book. I’m not ready to hand my book rights over. Mine is just free to read, no strings.


that might be the reason they’re going over there, the payment? Not sure though.


But then if they want to publish in future they’re limited. I considered it, but I decided against it. You can set your story as pay to read too, so readers have to pay for coins to unlock the next episode.


Well too complicated for this newbie, sticking with Wattpad.


:joy: I’m considering withdrawing it early from Dreame, with a note that it’s here. But I’d feel bad on the readers that have followed it on there.


Why would you withdraw it?


But they will have free access to it here, right?


I wanna make a abby friendship thread is that weird


Hell’s Cafe?


Omg should I???


Name of Story:


1 right now as I only published it today


Link to story:


Go for it…




I might haja wonder if anyone would join haha