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I wouldn’t change the names if people. Don’t like it the hell with them. I like different names that are interesting. And totally notify me when you update more. Also if you go to like the edit section of the threads you could find someone. Usually someone that will help you out. Keep up the good work with your story.


Encase anyone wants to know where I am at with my reading. Check post 26 that is my reading list. The ones marked off I’ve reviewed and the one that isn’t is probably what I am reading now. When I am done Reading I mark it off. Also, they are broken into sets of Ten just easier for me to work with. Thanks


I feel like you might have read some of my story already? But I don’t see a post on here where I requested this critique service, so let me know if I missed something. Did you have a different critique thread a little while ago maybe?

Please could you take a look at my story?
title: Silver Glass
genre: paranormal
chapters: 30 short chapters, updated a couple times a week
link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/163764668-silver-glass-but-he's-going-to-die-soon


When I am done with your story I will put here how many chapters I read and my thoughts.

I have had a couple of threads but they weren’t me so i decided to be me and do a thread that is in fact me. I am blunt and hold nothing back when it comes to stories. I feel like an author should be told the truth and not have things sugarcoated


gotcha, thanks! I’m interested to know where you lose interest. I’m posting on here to learn how to write, so this is going to help me learn! Thank you for your time!


If you want to know how I review I have three posts up you can read. I don’t always lose interest sometimes it is just too much for me to read. I will say “I’ll come back to it” Or even I will read more. just depends on the story


I did read those, that is helpful, thank you! I’m hoping you get pretty far, but we’ll see! :slight_smile:


We totally shall see if you can keep my interest


Remember that these are my thoughts and if you don’t like what I put then suck it up buttercup. I am here to tell you what I thought of a story not be a friend.

Chapter I stopped at: 4But don’t worry I shall return when the sun comes back up

All I am going to say is this story needs some help like not in a bad way either. When you start reading the story it starts off slow. But then at the end, the writer leaves you with a cliffhanger. Which makes you want to read more, I am over here typing this up and Istill wanting to dive back into this story. I will say that this story is really twisted and really fu*cked up but it is really good it is one you don’t want to put down just because of how twisted and messed up it is. But once again not in a bad way, I usually don’t like a lot of pictures in a story i feel that they take away from the story BUT , the way the author did it was in fact neat and made the story even more twisted. I will say be careful of the moving pictures or put them without any writing. Just because there are people that can’t deal with a lot of the motion pictures. I am one of them, I suffer from migraines and i had one while reading this and the moving pictures made it worse. So just a little note for you. It does need some editing but other then that you hit a home run with me. I loved it and the twisted way you write it. Just won’t read it when the sun is down


This had me laughing for a while :joy: lol

Yay. She’s coming back to read more, y’all!! I hope that’s a good thing XD JK

Oh, that’s new. Thank you. I dislike slow paced story myself. So, I understand your pain when it started slow. I always hated the first chapter, tbh. No matter how much I revise and rewrite that chapter, it still pisses me off.

Yay :smiley:
At least the first chapter wasn’t too boring XD haha. Phew.

OMG. I feel so flattered. Thank you so much for saying that! :heart:

Why thank you very much. Twisted and f*cked up are 2 of my favorite words :smiling_imp:

Oh, stop it *blushes* Just kidding. Keep going. lol. I love you so much right now. But I’m still waiting for a “but” XD And it’s OK. I love to learn what’s wrong with the story or the writing so I can improve =D

Oh, my goodness! I am so sorry! D:
I left many warnings but it never occurred to me to put a warning for the moving picture. Thanks for telling me, and once again I’m so sorry.

Yup. it does need some of that. Thankfully, I got a lot of friends who are willing to help me with that ^-^
I’m struggling because English is not my first language. So, yeah ^-^’

OMG. Thank youuu =D :heart:
I feel so happy right now I could start bouncing on my bed XD haha

Lol. I’m glad you figured that out ;D haha


You should have told me that English wasn’t your first language because I didn’t know that. The way that you write your story you would never know that English wasn’t your first language. You write so beautifully and so Twisted that you would never know that you didn’t know English first.


Oh, my goodness. Thank you! :heart:
I didn’t know it would matter. Haha XD


well usually people let me know because of their writing. Sometimes when your first language isn’t English your writing tends to show it. So a lot of people that don’t speak English as their first language will tell me hey I don’t speak English it’s not my first language. That way when I go through their story I understand why certain words aren’t the way they should be but once your story you would never know


Hi! I’m new to Wattpad but I’m hoping to learn a lot from it. I don’t have any writer friends irl! So I’d really appreciate it if you gave me some thoughts on the first chapter of the story I’ve posted recently, if you have time.
I only have the first chapter posted right now to sort of test the waters. If possible, I’m looking for an overall critique - anything that sticks out to you (though with a focus probably on characters, plot, ect, rather than the grammar).

Name Of Story: Foxtrot

Genre: Fantasy/YA

Chapters: Only one posted currently.

Ongoing /completed: Ongoing

Link to story: https://www.wattpad.com/story/166982498-foxtrot


When I am done with your story I will put here how many chapters I read and my thoughts.


Thank you!


you’re welcome


Thanks. I guess I wanted to know if my grammar was good or not. If I said English is not my first language, then I would always use that as an excuse for my bad grammar. I don’t want to use excuses. I wanna be as good as native speakers. ^-^


Well I feel like found it amazing just won’t read it at night haha


I totally get it. Lol. ^-^
Thank you again.