Hell's Critiques Season Four (Always Open , Honesty 50% 50% Friendship)



I have changed how I review a little. How are you


What does the one you like better look like?


Jezzuz 1.3 million viewers WOW congrats! Do you have anything published yet?


Oh really! I’ll go check it out. Did you post reviews already?

And actually so good! I have an English class on children’s lit, and we have two assignments that I’m really excited about. One is to make a playlist for a book we will read and the other to is to do a coverflip for a book


Here it is! I don’t know, it just enticed me more than the current one lol



Ok see now I like that one way more than the current one you have


And thank you so much! I’m very proud of that novel :slight_smile:

As far as publishing, I’ve been approached by a few houses but none that I was interested in. They were quite small and I’m pretty sure one was a scam lol

Once I finish rewriting and editing offline, I will send out to publishing houses and see where that journey takes me lol


ME TOO! Okay, I think I’m gonna change it lol


Hey it’s your book lol you can do anything you want to it :wink:


Yes, but the fans voted and I already had one user come at me about thinking I’d chosen the wrong book cover and demanded a recount like it was some Florida election! :joy:

But with your help, I’ve spontaneously made the choice I always wanted so thank you for that :slight_smile:


You can always say there were some late vote entries that tipped the scales hehe


Yeah the one you like is much more sultry and sexy.


Hey Everyone!




How are you today?


i’m good how are you


Wow Abby, you’re knocking the reviews out! What was wrong with the last one you reviewed?


just didn’t want to offend anyone about depression or make it seem like i was making fun of depression. I am trying to get a lot done.


This thread moves fast! Really fast.


I feel like this one’s the slowest of the four aah