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I wrote another chapter but honestly fight scenes are a pain and people are gonna hate em but oh well


I looove a fight scene :muscle:t3::muscle:t3::muscle:t3:


Yeah? I am around once a day and the progress this thread has made me utter ‘whoa!’


Ohhhhh makes sense! But, like was their book poorly written or something. Sorry, I just read the review now and I had added that book to my library, so I was just wondering


I love to write fight scenes as well (the verbal kind). There’s so much matter to spice things up.


WELL don’t expect much from this one cries


Wanna know how I write mine?!


I think the readers picked that cover because the story is about a woman- an actress- trapped in an abusive relationship and all of the trials that come into her life when one of her co-stars in a show begins to ask too many questions. So, while the book has its sex scenes and moments, it’s very much a romantic thriller.

But on Wattpad as I mentioned to LizLane, sultry sells better on this site lol I also just think this new one is more eye-catching at the end of the day. :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening to me ramble :joy: Hows your day going?


Yes!! Take advice from Mills, hers are super well written


I have been so radio silent and I am super sorry about that. It’s the weekend, so that means no writing for me. Reading, anime, and video games is my calling until monday rolls around. All my TV shows are coming back.

anyway, so I had another story like dream. it was this girl who was invited to this costume party and I don’t know if she took something or not, but when she left, she kept seeing her old neighborhood and nearly ran off a cliff. Everyone thought she was crazy afterwards.

I’m thinking this is a mystery thriller, but like young adult but i don’t knowww, I got other books to do


fdifjsid sure


@BaxterWilhelm Soul twin!! I need to know how deep our bond goes…have you ever read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:


Lol any time :slight_smile: My day is going well so far. Thank you for asking.


There was a lot that was good but , some parts that i didn’t enjoy but everyone has different taste. So you might like it.


Okieee thank you! I’ll give it a chance. The blurb was rather interesting


No problem! Getting any writing done?


The key is… slow motion! Have you seen Robert Downey Jnr’s Sherlock? Or The Equaliser? Where the fight scenes are stripped back moment by moment. I do that. I imagine the whole thing so slowly that I can see where someone might get a punch in, or where someone’s leg will land so that it’s fluid and not jarring. Then when written, it seems faster than in my head :joy::joy::joy::crazy_face:


Imma pretend i didn’t publish three chapters in one because I got too excited about books


THIS is good advice but I can’t even imagine trying to write like that it’d take me 1000 words no tyvm fudfsfsd


That’s such good advice! When I do mine, I like “act out” parts of it. So, I look crazy punching and kicking around my desk :joy::joy: I like yours better. People won’t think I’m crazy if they saw that