Hell's Critiques Season Four (Always Open , Honesty 50% 50% Friendship)



Not too much lately. Haven’t really had time. I have the itch but not the time to let the imagination loose


Ahh, I understand that struggle far too well lol Hopefully you will be able to find some time soon!


Me too! You make me want to write another naughty book lol :smiling_imp::smiling_imp: You and @JosefinaFAAD

What other kinds of books do you like?


What kind of acting do you do?


I like that idea too. I do kind of the same thing. I just play the fight scene slowly through my head and write down each action and it’s reaction. But @frjohnson 's way of doing it is better exercise lol. Although you might accidentally knock someone out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahahahaha you probably won’t be surprised to know that I’m from a fighting family :joy:


I am on earth another day So I can’t complain.



Remember that these are my thoughts and if you don’t like what I put then suck it up buttercup. I am here to tell you what I thought of a story not be a friend.

Chapter I Stopped at:1

Liked : I found that the story was really good and amazing there was a lot to it. The detail was amazing and it was just a really good story.

Disliked: I Feel like a prologue should be no more then one to two pages. I don’t think any longer would be good seeing that a prologue is, meant to be an insight of the story. A way into the story a glimpse of what to expect.

Things that could be improved: I would say just shorten your prologue.

Would I read more?: To be honest, if you shortened the prologue I totally would read more of it.

The Fine Print
From now on, anyone who requests a review acts under my conditions: If you don’t like the review then you can discuss it peacefully. If you feel there has been a personal attack or a moment of misconduct, state your view publicly and it can be resolved and apologized for if it’s agreed to be in bad taste. If anyone decides to take any reviews or comments personally and use that as fuel for a vicious attack shall be flagged and reported to an ambassador.

The book


Always a good thing lol … well unless there’s an alien invasion and they are using our blood to terraform the earth :rofl:




What on earth. Lol What if We are all aliens and we plan to take over another universe instead of us getting took over??? Mind blown




Do it! Give into the temptation :fire::fire: lol

I mainly write only romantic thrillers/mysteries but I can read pretty much anything as long as there is some semblance of romance in it lol

I mainly do theater around town and the state. I perform at the theme parks and dinner shows around town with occasional film stuff sprinkled throughout. I was recently asked to do some voice acting for a novel’s audiobook so that will be fun :slight_smile:


Or maybe we have already been taken over we just don’t realize it because we had our memories erased and now they exist behind the scenes running our lives and using us for food and entertainment. Or what if we go to take over another world and discover that every universe is a mirror of our own. Just a little different. Each universe is actually an alternate reality of ours. Same planets and everything.


Anything I could help with Advice motivational speech or anything?


I think I should just go get a new brain mine is fried.
RIP MY Brain 2000-2019 You will never be remembered!


Hehe I’d def write a forbidden romance novel. I think I’d have to do it under a pen name though. Keep the two profiles separate


Oooorrrr maybe we go to leave our solar system and find out there’s an invisible barrier surrounding us. And we come to discover our entire solar system is just a fish bowl in some gigantic alien kids room muahahhh


I’m dead. Like pale as a white kids butt dead… :worried:


Forbidden romance is where I liiiiiiiiive lol Everything I’ve written so far is swimming in forbidden love lol

You totally should do it! What genre do you mainly write now?