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What if we finally make a massive space armada and when we go to conquer another world, we find out we are actually surrounded by super powerful and very deadly alien creatures that never even knew we existed…until now.


…… Can I even replie


Mostly YA fantasy but I have lots of other books in the old imagination. I plan on writing a horror story, more fantasy, kids books, who knows?


Hmmm that’s actually not bad of an idea… I’ll have to jot that one down hehe :slight_smile:


What do you consider “Forbidden” as far as romance is concerned? For your books I mean lol


Haha I like that… white kids dead butt :rofl::rofl:


Lol anyways ummmm hows life


Pretty good thanks. Can’t complain too much. Never does any good anyway lol. How about yourself?


Indeed um. Im breathing so I think I am alright


How fun! So many genres lol Do you plan on publishing any of these or are you already published?

For my books, I have a student/professor relationship, the woman trapped in an abusive relationship who is tempted by her co-star, and a married boss/nanny relationship where in the sequel the mc is tempted by another man while she is away. (She’s actually been kidnapped but thats a spoiler)lol

It all sounds so bizarre laid out like that but I promise it’s far more exciting and realistic in the actual books lol


Yes I’m trying to get my first book…well the two parts of my first book published. Working on the final editing of part one now and adding the sub story at the beginning of my chapters to part two. But for the most part they are both complete.

Now I need to figure out how to write a damn good query letter lol.


That sounds like the kind of stories I’d write :slight_smile:


You might get mad at me for “advertising” but I don’t care this is for people who have depression pls spread this thread BE YOURSELF!!! POSITIVE VIBES ONLY


I’d probably want to do a, newly divorced or abandoned step dad / daughter story but I’m not sure how risque Wattpad is comfortable with lol. Maybe even an unhappily married woman who falls for a mysterious new man in the neighborhood. Then comes to find out, after she’s having an affair with him that he is either a werewolf or some other kind of monster and now should she try to destroy him or can he be saved? But it turns out he’s actually the good monster and her current husband is the bad monster and she never even knew all these years. But will anyone survive the final confrontation? Hmm or maybe he’s the bad one and her husband is the good one but didn’t know how to deal with his affliction and that’s why they’ve been having so many problems lately…Hmmmm


Abby’s all about helping people with depression :slight_smile: :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::heart::heart:




This is true I am all about helping people with any type of mental illness


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Greetings fellow Earthling :slight_smile:


i have returned