Hell's Critiques Season Four (Always Open , Honesty 50% 50% Friendship)





but thats like impossible


It is but it would be nice




Yay coffee :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


i know
we would get to play the whole freaking day


Yes and napand do whatever we wanted




I just use my phone the entire time


well i study most of the time or i am talking with my friends


Anyone wanna spill any tea?


spills tea on self


Hey all. Feeling a bit better now that I’ve started treatment for my depression. Just kind of meh feeling today XD

How is everyone?


I need a nap


So after a lot of thought I have decided. That after I’m done with all my reviews. I will be done for good with critic I use to really love it. An it was a blast but. Recently I feel like my work isn’t really me anymore. So because of that I’m retiring from doing critics. I loved hells critics. An it has become popular. But lately I have not been staying true to myself. So sorry but I’m done. I will be closing soon and what reviews I have I shall finish up and then be done for good. I have enjoyed the time the friendship and the getting to find great books. You all can still talk an interact while I review. But when I’m done I’m done. No more threads no more reviewing. Thanks for understanding
:cherry_blossom: ABBY :cherry_blossom:


Nooooooooooooooooooooo! At least be active in the forums please!


I might make an abby advanture thread


Oh okay. Be sure to tag me if you do.

I’m going to be working on A Rider’s Downfall for it’s April release, as well as The White Rider (not sure if you saw the announcement or not) but I’m feeling a bit better.

My dad also said that when I start work, he’s going to allow me to keep 100% of my paycheck.


looks intently at Sir with hot blazing eyes…I’d read that very much Sir. Blushes and looks away, which even up the ears blazing red.

Good afternoon everyone! I still haven’t sent my fifth form lol Decided to go to bed, but it won’t take long, the story is pretty short. How is everyone?


ah, chef ramsey’s retiring.
You will forever be a legend