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I’m just poppin’ in to see what’s been goin’ on in here, then I’ll be gone again.
But, I saw what you put and I can only say this (because I don’t know the site) make sure you know what rights you have if you accept that offer.


Also, hello people! XD




I don’t know, I’m having a hard time making a decision. A lot of people feel sketched out by Inkkit.


Then don’t


How’re you doin’ today?


It’s hard to know whether or not to accept things like that.


Okay I guess and you


because it can be very tempting. But I suggest you write a pros and cons list. Then compare that list to another list where you want things to be to your benefit. It might help you see that bigger picture and decide whether it’s right for you or not. And wait for something better.


Mals! hugs purring


Yesss. I agree. I need to do research and figure it out from there.


done! submitted! shortest one I’ve done cause the chapter are really short. So not much to say really.


I’m fine. I didn’t get any writing done yesterday so I need to get some done today and tomorrow (which was supposed to be my free weekend. But I’m still pushing off writing. XD


Heyo!~ :cat:


Yep. Just research the site and read any T&Cs.


That’s awesome






So how do you want this banner to look like?


Anything fun looking and pretty