Hell's Critiques Season Four (Always Open , Honesty 50% 50% Friendship)



Oh, oh! Yess! I want this! XD


Check this out first though. Sounds pretty fishy to me… Just saying.


Awww! dies of cuteness!


thank you!


Here’s another bad sign…



I was about to post this!


I got a comment about how Miss Angelina isn’t that bad horror-wise as nothing horror has happened yet but like its the first chapter and I’m worried for their soul because Chapter 4 is not good if you hate horror omg


ALSO. Inkkit is sketchy. I wouldn’t trust it. I debated it years ago and decided I’m good no thanks because honestly no


Lol it sounds like a scam and not a very good one


@TaraTheDreamer I think your talent is tremendous and you should keep getting feedback and perfecting your stories on sites made for that purpose. Once you’re happy you can then approach publishers. There are lots of helpful threads on this community alone to guide you, let alone with your professors and school contacts. Nothing is ever free. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is. :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart:


The actual owner commented on one reddit thread that was saying it was sketchy. THE OWNER?!? Shouldn’t he be doing businessy stuff?!


If I were you I’d publish my book in amazon as a kindle book and sell it for 2.99 or something. I’ve been one of those readers that pays to read books written by writers in wattpad and they haven’t disappointed. Even my mom thinks that when she writes her novel about her amazing life, she plans on publishing it in Amazon. Since I believe they let you publish it for free as long as you pay a super small commission. The rest of the money is yours.


Who even owns it? What are they doing omg


And I’m sure the ambassadors block lots of these pages that are sending unsolicited messages and poaching authors to scam. It saddens me how many bright eyed aspiring authors would fall for it :broken_heart:


You can self publish with kindle and claim up to 70% royalties :orange_heart:


yep! It’s an amazing investment. @TaraTheDreamer you self publish in amazon, leave like a sample of your book in wattpad, about 3-7 chapters or something or nothing and just put up a link for those who want to read need to purchase your work.


SIR! jumps into arms, hugs and snuggles how are you today Sir?


what will it be called?


I was thinking Abby’s crazy Adventures or what would you call it