Hell's Critiques Season Four (Always Open , Honesty 50% 50% Friendship)



Sorry! I will read it all soon, kind of distracted atm, got some school work I gotta do! But @ImperialARG I sent you the info they sent me!


ooo, Imma check that out
I’m broke as hell and ghost writing just isn’t cutting it for me


well, that just killed all the hope i had


Ikr sorry :frowning: I wish I knew a way to make money writing before you can get published


Nah, it’s good, to be honest I’m glad you did.
If I didn’t read those articles you posted my naive ass would have fell for the bs and basically sold not only my copyright rights away but also given most of my profits away


whatttt???Since when?
Where has this piece of information been for the past two years?!


OMG WHAT IS THIS?!!?!?!?!?



@Beautifully-mixed Maybe the next thread could be a community critiquing thing… like rather that just you doing it. Maybe everybody does. Or just whoever wants to help out? Or maybe a group of people? I’m just throwing out ideas. Maybe it’s not specifically a critique page but its just something we all do to help people? Or maybe it’s just a chill and bs page lol. Help each other out and stuff?


because she’s hit retirement age


#3876 xx


I’m doing a bs page where we all can hangout write it will be just like this but no reviewing. We still can help each other out and talk and bs


Hey little one grins and hugs you tight I’m ok. A bit tired today but it’s all good. Sad Abby is closing down but I can understand.


Ok cool


Yep I will keep my tag List and post it when j make the new thread


Oh, and good things can’t last forever


Google self publish with kindle it’s all there to read :grin:
Even if you sold it online for £2 if you sold 1k you’d be having a good income! Just direct Wattpad followers there when you’re ready. If you’re going to use your cover though, be sure to check that all parts are copyright-free as sometimes taking images from google can bite ya in the asss.


well damn, this has made my shitty day better now.
Thank you so freaking much!!!
I keep on coming across scummy publishing sites like Inkitt and publishers alike, damn, needed this one.


Oh yeah Google, amazon, kindle, apple, you can self publish all over for free if you take the time to read how. You just need to make sure your book is cleaned up and ready to go. Plus you are responsible for all advertising and marketing so there is that to consider.


@ImperialARG You’ve literally just inspired me to write another story, I just wanna hug you rn I’m so happy


Also, I have one chapter of my story on Dreame, the second chapter is an announcement that the rest of the book has moved here. It’s actively driving readers to my story here :orange_heart: