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Hi! I’m currently in the process of writing a demon hunter story and I need ideas about the possible class that could be taught in a school for demon hunters. Any creative/funny ideas are welcome!

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Dang…they just keep popping up tonight… @WorldsInsideMyHead

Oh! And @Mishkady, if you’re still looking for ideas, how about “Ways to die 101 (and how to best avoid them)”

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Some sort of forensics class, for detective work in tracking down demons? Or for that matter, just tracking by itself. Hand-to-hand combat, weapons classes, and fitness training would be essential I would have thought.

For something more humorous, you could have an advanced class on how to deal with siren calls, and have all the students strapped to their desks as a recording of a siren is played. Or evasive maneuvers, which turns into one massive game of hide-and-seek.

It really depends on your demons and what form they take as to what your students need to learn. Who knows, perhaps they have to go through a finish-school of table manners because your demons all frequent the very best restaurants and your hunters need to go undercover. Or if they live underground, then potholing would be an essential skill etc.


Temptations ‘class’ that isn’t actually a class. Some member of the school’s staff intermittently makes some kind of offer to students and they have to turn it down, no matter how appealing, or they get booted from the school.

You could have a kid booted for literally accepting an extra cake from the canteen lady and have her keep a running tally of how many new students she manages to catch with stuff like that.


Do you mean name or concept? Realism or fantasy? Comedy or seriousness? I will try all at once…
Class 1 [Yellow]: Venerer/[Yellow] Farer (the hunter).
Class 2 [Purple]: Diminisher (the one who helps, well, diminish).
Class 3 [White]: Deferrer (the delayer).
Class 4 [Brown]: Defender (the guard).
Class 5 [Black]: Cavalry (a member of cavalry or whatever else you may need it to mean).

This is my quick, ‘blanket’ suggestion, anyway.

You could really go indepth and create your own martial art that combines form and magic together. Let’s call it Krillah for e.g sake. Through the practice of these forms hunters strengthen the body and spirit reinforcing and enhancing the flow of spiritual energy. You could create your own history around it. Humans (im assuming your hunters are human) needed a method of self defense after decades of behind physically inadequate and traditional exorcisms no longer working. Jus throwing some ideas out.

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Also language could be interesting to add. You can use language as a weapon where through sound it can redirect the nural pathways to enhance the abilities of your hunters. Perhaps through the language if they are skilled enough perform a “clarion call” which is a song to call an Angel.

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I agree. But do something original. I feel like everyone takes Spanish. I’m not saying don’t put in Spanish. Feel free to do so. Some suggestions are German, French, or Hindi.

I never mentioned spanish. Are you sure you replied to the right person? I didn’t explicitly mentioned it but I suggest you create your own language if you feel the need too. I think older languages would be more appropriate if you wanted to call Angels based on real language when you think about it from a certain standpoint.

I agree. Sorry if I confused you

You could do absolutely all kinds of things, including: a comparative religions class, a historical analysis class (identifying demonic influence on historical events), lessons on acting and disguise, a shop class for crafting and repairing weapons, martial arts classes, geometry and algebra (those banishing/protective circles/pentagrams/etc. are way harder to draw than you’d think), something about archival skills/library science (finding and storing those ancient tomes and keeping them in good condition), ethics and criminal justice classes (when is it appropriate to use lethal force rather than banishing?), budgeting and travel skills, law (finding loopholes in agreements), chemistry and alchemy (making salts or incense or whatever), music (plenty of rituals must use it, and maybe you have to know it if the demon or its followers use music in their magical workings), sports/gym (to keep in shape), etc. etc. etc. Sounds like fun!

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