Help! Can’t paste text into posts on the forum

My paste option in the forum posts is grayed out, when I copy a text from google docs. I can still copy-paste text I type in the message itself.

@DomiSotto I just copy and pasted this text from google docs, Domi:

Reviewed by Nab @Nablai

Cover/Title: The cover is really nice. The blue colour blends effortlessly with the coloured moon in the background. The title is a play around with the words Startling Starlight.

Log line: It’s the beauty of light that it owes its existence to the dark. And the prime reason you’re here, highlights the fact that you need to embrace the darkness before appreciating the light.

I am on a mobile tablet, and it’s not working for me. The text gets copy-pasted in google just fine, but it doesn’t paste into the forum post. Were there any updates to the forums overnight?

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I don’t know, Domi. Tried asking in the ambassadors channel?

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I’m on Samsung Internet on phone. I seem to be able to copypaste (though I have to press ‘clipboard’ because my last copy was a picture).

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Resolved. Full cache on iPad

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