Help! I have a plot hole involving mates - Solved


Hi guys!

So I have a bit of a problem…
Two of my characters are mates (well, they don’t know it yet) but the problem is the guy is already 23 and the girl turns 18 soon (in my book, that’s when they find their mates - usually) and they’ve been in the same pack all that time.

Earlier in the book I mention that a couple discovered they were mates when the guy turned 18 and the chick was still 15.

So the problem is: why did the couple only now discover they’re mates?
There is a lot that happened in the time between the guy turned 18 and the girl turns 18, so I can make a case of saying that it’s because circumstances weren’t right or something… something along the lines of the first bullet on this section of this web page regarding mates.

Please help?
Or should I create 2 extra characters? :frowning_face:


How does this discovery go? Is it a sudden feeling, a scent? Maybe the guy or the gal had feelings for another werewolf from the pack and simply ignored the hints that someone else is their true mate, or maybe she has (or had) some kind of medical condition (“noseblind”?) and the guy didn’t want to persue her before she turned 18?
Other possibilities would be magic or a curse that gets broken somehow or something the parents did to protect their little baby girl from men’s paws as long as she was a minor.


The discovery will be a combination of scent and sight.
Both the guy and the girl’s life situations changed, so I can probably say that they were kept numb to the mate hints due to survival instincts or something?


That could bring up questions you don’t have the answer for, but it’s a way. It depends on how instant and how strong the knowledge is, or maybe how close they have to be to each other to realize it.


Maybe only the girls discover it at 18? Maybe guys discover it in tandem when the girl finds out about it…

I’m not a huge werewolf reader/fan so I’ve always assumed the “mate” stuff holds the insinuation that its purpose is for “mating” and thus there is a biological evolutionary need for this magical bond to produce a stronger next generation.

But I’ve always wondered what happens with gay/bi werewolves in that case? It’s kind of creepy if they aren’t included in the world building.

With vampires it’s not an issue because they make their “children” differently.

So my suggestion above certainly works for hetero wolves. Not sure how you’d handle the reveal for LGBQT wolves. Maybe there’s a poly situation? Like they have a “soulmate” who is their same-sex partner and this is a more magical bond that happens when their eyes meet… and then they have a “heat-mate” that happens when the girl reaches 18… and they are meant to have a baby with that opposite gendered partner and raise it with their soulmate…

Sorry for the tangent - as I said I don’t read any wolf stuff so maybe this is already all worked out in the culture…


Honestly, I think it would be cool if he did know when he turned eighteen and decided to wait for her. It sounds like they were going through some stuff and adding a soulmate on top of it could be more pressure for her. He could still do some nice little things for her, like giving her a ride somewhere or doing a chore she hates doing. I feel that would make him waiting to tell her understandable and make him likable.

And it could cause a little trouble between them if you needed it to, were she doesn’t get way he didn’t say something sooner. She could think having a mate would have helped her through what ever she was going through better and he feels waiting for her on the sidelines was the best thing to do for them both. Just an idea.



This is brilliant!


Glad to help! :smiley:


As much as I love a good poly story, wolves are generally monagmous and mate for life, which is where the whole mates trope in werewolves comes from, so I doubt poly relationships would exist.

As for LGBTQ+… I guess that’s up to the writer. I do mates strictly for biological purposes but I do have LGBT characters, they just aren’t mates.


Okay but biologically speaking in the real world a wolf pack is generally made up of the alpha pair and their offspring of various ages.

So essentially it’s a nuclear family unit.

Then most wolves go off between the ages of 2-3 years old to find a mate/start their own pack, etc.

Because wolves are not really into incest as studies have shown very few mating pairs have a familial connection.

And mating for “life” is really only mating for their reproductive life. So if the alpha female can no longer birth a litter or is deposed by a stronger female, the alpha male will mate with a new female. So he might have 2-3 mates before he is deposed. Being “deposed” generally results in death. Few wolves live more than 5 years in the wild and with ideal conditions can live 15.

So 2-3 mates in that short a span of time doesn’t strike me as some amazing spiritual love bond thing :joy:

So that’s why I was curious because the werewolf culture/rules really seem to only have a slight connection to the actual biological info about wolves where basically a pack is a nuclear family of Dad & Mom and their kids, and when Mom gets too old or tired to have more babies, she gets booted for a younger model… much like in a divorce situation (or perhaps in a sister-wife scenario, where the younger newer wife now adds to the family) When the kids get old enough to want babies, they move out of the house…

But usually the stories or tv shows have multiple families (all interconnected in various ways) and they bow down to one Alpha like he’s a King or Mob boss and there are all kinds of backstories that are like The War of the Roses, or The Godfather.

So a poly situation doesn’t strike me as too crazy I guess.


That was actually a pretty good point. I hadn’t thought of it that way.