Help me choose a cover pls! (fantasy rom)

Which one fits the theme most? I keep changing the cover, but I really wanna make one permanent.





Lee Nana’s life is stagnant and uncertain. She’s in her mid-twenties juggling jobs and pretending her love life is doing great. All Nana ever wanted was a little twist in her life, but she’s scared to take risks. Despite this, the heavens above already set out a plan long before. One fateful night, she goes home to find an unconscious naked man covered in petals. The unexplainable, magical and chaotic happenings soon emerge to shake her beliefs of the mundane human world.

What is this stranger’s involvement in Nana’s destiny? How related is the chaotic world and Nana’s normal world? Will she move past her own barriers or will she succumb and never learn?

OMG! all of them are so pretty! I had a hard time choosing but as a total stranger and outsider to the story, the last one intrigued me the most. It has the most stand-out personality! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree!


Thank you so much! I made the majority. newsies did the cute yellow one <3

thank you! it’s simple and it must have evoked mystery the most.

I really like the third one, it’s minimalistic but very aesthetically pleasing.

The last one looks good

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