Help me choose an icon for this category


I had a dollar sign and a book but I thought it was kind of strange because this isn’t really focused on making money


What about this?

It’s a book with a face on it.


It should match the style and weight of most of the icons on the front page – so not mostly black

  • i like that direction though


Maybe something like this since Industry Insiders is as much picking someone’s brain about the publishing world as anything?


I don’t know how relevant this is but it looks cool:


I searched printing, publishing, and book publishing and didn’t see anything awesome. It’s like it needs a combination of ‘book’ and ‘world’. IDK how to graphically represent people in the industry of publishing. Maybe there’s something with a book and people silhouettes??


Add some color to this and it could work. A lightbulb over books.


This looks like an astronaut reading a book:


Hmmmmm, lemme try– our brand guidelines require simple icons but i can take away from of the jaxzz and maybe make it work


oh zoinks, this is kind of lame looking now :confused:


At least you tried! :+1:

Back to square one now. :rofl:


This… might work?


It’s an ebook at least


A person and a book?


You see how hard this is? Can’t use that because it’s not a closed line drawing


Could always ask if someone like @AWFrasier or @Makaylasophia would be up for drawing you something.


Indeed I do.



I think I may have found something?


this person without the lightbulb?