Help me choose my fantasy cover

Hey lovelies! So, I’m torn between three cover options and I really need some help choosing. I don’t know which one will catch readers eyes the most. Thanks for the help!!

In option 1 the title doesn’t stand out enough, the word “Is” almost blends with the image.
I’d go with option 2 'cause it looks more welcoming to the reader, option 3 looks more “horror” (unless that’s your intention, but it might draw some readers off thinking it’s a scary book)

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I like option 2 the most.

Psst. You should add a poll to your first post.

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thanks! I’m still getting used to this site

Thanks for the feedback!

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Rather than making a hard vote, it really depends on whether you want to emphasize romance or horror.

This sort of thing can exist on a spectrum between Dracula and Twilight.

The last cover I like, because it reminds me of Pan’s Labyrinth. But that might not be what you’re going for.

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The second cover is the easiest to read I think and probably the most enticing. I do like the creepiness of the last one but like everyone said it depends what genre the story is. Good luck choosing! :blush:

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Those are awesome covers :blush:

I’d definitely go for option #2!

I agree with the others, I like cover 2 the best (although I would alter the title a bit to make it easier to read. both the “IS” part and the “O” in terror especially kinda blend in too much, imo. otherwise a solid, very nice-looking cover)

They’re all really pretty ouo

can you tell me which character you had in two of those covers?

I don’t know which font it is. A designer created the covers for me :slight_smile:

Answer: whichever fits your story and characters best has to be the answer.

However, going by the covers alone, I say the first one. The ‘wood-elf’ type figure.