Help Me Describe This



There’s this piece of music I’ve known for a while now, but I don’t know how to describe it.

I’m honestly terrible with words, and I understand that it invokes different emotions and vibes for different people. So, if you could maybe take 3 minutes to listen to half of it and tell me how it makes you feel, I’d really appreciate it.


High and sweet melody? Peaceful? With a nostalgic feel that makes you remember sweet times when you were calm? Has a radio feel to it? I dunno man


A pitter patter of sweet notes rang out clearly, and a singer’s voice became a dream of longing for things far away. What sounded like a drum came smoothly like a soft ocean wave and lifted the song’s spirits to a more upbeat place, occasionally allowing it to relapse back to its melody of crystals in a cave.


No clue why that comparison to crystals in a cave works, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever read.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


No need for question marks, man. I just want to know whatever vibe it gives off for you. Whether it’s nostalgia, yearning or the desire for some kind of intimacy, cruising down the highway late at night, or going on an adventure. Whatever it whispers into your ear, I want to hear.


That was beautiful.


Aww, thanks!


Like a midnight ride looking at the stars


_And also like steven universe if uve watched that, its kind of futristic in a way


Riding in the car with your head resting on the open window, wind blowing your hair, looking at the night sky. one of those moments that last forever




It’s been quite a while since I last watched Steven Universe tbh


Its great though!


Calm and like i’m okay lmao