Help me find stuff to read (warning: Picky Reader)

Hello! Welcome to my thread! I’ve officially emptied my “To Read” reading list and need some new things to read. I’m a really picky reader, so please read the following criteria before deciding to post. If I find your story interesting it will be added to my “To Read” reading list. Note: I will not accept all the stories given to me. If I accept your story, I will like your post.

The criteria (i.e. What I Like) (make sure you specify which of the following your story satisfies):

-Greek Mythology (open to anything from this area, but I’m particularly partial to Hades and Persephone, Thanatos and Macaria, Charon, Hera (not stereotyped as a rude and angry Goddess), Aphrodite (not stereotyped as an airhead or an overly promiscuous Goddess)

-Paranormal/supernatural (specifically vampires (in fact vampires are my favourite supernatural creature), witches, faeries, mermaids/sirens, elementals, and dragons) (NOTE: if your story falls under the werewolf area, feel free to post it, but you’ll have to convince me, since I’m not usually one for werewolf stories (I’m not against them, I just don’t follow the lore associated with them as extensively as I do vampires and I often see common tropes with werewolf stories), so specify the thing that makes yours different from the others)

-magical realism

-romance (AND LOTS OF IT)

-urban fantasy

-I’m good with mature as long as you tell me why

-stories that break stereotypes (e.g. damsels in distress)

-powerful women

-I wouldn’t mind a male POV either, but if you don’t have one that’s fine.

-completed stories are preferred (please specify if it is complete)!!! But if it’s near complete, I’ll accept it as well (if it’s near complete, please specify how many chapters are left and how often you update).

-fairytale retellings are acceptable and welcome

-stories featuring royalty are also welcome

What I don’t like:

-Mental health being portrayed in a disrespectful and stereotypical manner
-damsels in distress
-MCs that are really passive
-submissive mates and dominant alphas
-vampires and human pets
-toxic relationships
-things that dehumanize people

Post your recs and stories below and make sure you specify the criteria that fits your story.


Strong female lead(s) here! I will drop the link and info for my book!

Low-Fantasy Fiction and Action/Adventure here! I recently just finished the first part of my book and I would love if you gave it a read! This is part one of the three-book series. It is my first time writing a lengthy original story!

Title: Hell Hath No Fury

Status: Part one of three is completed. Part two is being uploaded

Chapters: 27

Words: 130k words.

TLDR: Want a pirate adventure story with lgbt characters, badass women, and lots of secrets? My main character and many other characters are apart of the lgbtq+ community and the main romance in the storyis a gxg couple.

Blurb: Aboard the Scorned Woman, there is a pirate crew that hails from all five Baethean continents. They raid merchant ships and other pirates in the dead of night and take no prisoners. Releasing captured women, killing men, and wreaking havoc whenever they are on land, the ladies of the Scorned Woman are notoriously dangerous around Baethos. When a young girl with nothing but a need to get away from home stumbles across the ship, she finds herself in a whole new world of steel, gold, and thievery. In this adventure, follow her into unknown political arenas, life-risking missions for gold and falling in love, not just with the open seas.


This one has:

-romance (LOTS OF IT)
-mature content (sexy bits)
-it breaks the stereotypes in many ways.
-powerful woman, as the MC is fierce and strong. She’s great at what she does and doesn’t let people walk over her.

And nothing in your list of what you don’t like :blush:




When she moves to Seattle for a job in programming, Andy doesn’t expect to have her heart torn between the sweetest and kindest man she knows and her rude and arrogant boss.


Andy is a nerdy young woman who has just secured her dream job as a programmer for Kelex, a company she has long admired.

Working there comes with some unexpected perks, much to Andy’s delight. One being Oliver, her new colleague who is the embodiment of everything she’s ever wanted in a man. However, her affection for Oliver is tainted by the overwhelming attraction she feels for her new boss, Alexander.

Alexander “Lex” Coleman is cold and arrogant, but she can’t even blame him for it, considering his big brain and movie-star good looks.

Now, Andy is stuck battling her inner demons and desires while trying to build a successful career and have it all. It becomes a choice of mind over flesh. Right over wrong. Eventually, something has to give and it’s only a question of when as Andy struggles with life and all of the crazy complications that come with it.


Click here


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Recommend Quinn and the Metropolis by @jaaychaan
It has mostly everything you like

And here’s mine if it interests you ( but I highly recommend the first one :point_up:t4:)
An UnFURtunate Kiss
Humor/rom-com with light fantasy
23 chapters complete✔
Lila is a cat. Not by choice or by birth. But by a kiss. An accidental, unfortunate kiss that put her and her boss under a curse. Because of this kiss, things get awkwardly furry for Lila and Han as they bicker their way through a portal to the Kingdom of Meo, a world of anthropomorphic cat people, and search for the cat goddess to undo the curse or else…

I have a strong female lead, but there is also the pov of the villain who is a guy.
The story is called, “Once Upon A Halloween. . .”
It’s a fantasy story, it has witches and wizards but if your thinking of Harry Potter, this is a different world.

Hey I have 2 books that fit a lot of what you want, but they are ongoing (I update once a week) but they are relatively new. Gonna post them just in case you are interested. I like to make all my female charcters strong, so I think you will appreciate that

Story Information

Both main female and male character pov
Title: For The Love Of The Game
Genre: Romance/NewAdult
Blurb: Young Riley Diaz is a hardworking 24-year-old woman who became responsible for caring for her two younger brothers when her parents tragically got deported. After a tiring day at work, she runs into her handsome new neighbor Noah, who is looking to make a fresh start. When Riley kindly offers to help him finish moving in, neither of them expected that she would end up breaking a 15k computer. Knowing that she can’t afford to pay him back she decides to strike a deal with her good looking neighbor. The deal will make her dive into a world of games that she had long forgotten.

Title: War Of The Forgotten Lover


Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Warning: Mature (In terms of sex stuff in the future)


The war had taken so much from both sides. In the heat of war, magic faced off against steel. In the end, it only resulted in death and despair.

The war had started decades ago, when a pair of lovers met a tragic end. The human king blamed the faes. The fae king blamed the humans. Throughout the years, both sides lost sight of why the war had started. Now both sides sought the complete annihilation of the other race.

In a gambit to turn the tides of the war, the new human king offers up his hated sister, Princess Aria, to Lord Alchias. A man known for his cruelty and vast army.

What will happen when on her way to him her carriage gets attacked and she falls into fae territory? Will her body and soul be taken by the fae that saves her?

Will history repeat itself?

Hey @WondaGal
This might be up your street. It’s a paranormal romance with a strong female lead. Unfortunately it’s still ongoing, but it updates weekly (if not twice a week). If that put’s you off I totally understand, but I thought I’d leave the link just in case :slight_smile:

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Here’s my mature paranormal romance. It’s ongoing.

Cover created by: CEJeffery


What would you do if someone had complete control over you? Would you roll over and take their orders or would you fight back? Would it matter if you had a history with them, if they were dear to you?

In this world bonded Protecteds have complete control over their Guardians, some utilizing their powers sparingly while others go full throttle. Training to use their individual gifts, Protecteds and Guardians do their best to relieve the world of abnormalities, keep people safe, but when long-standing dynamics begin to crumble and shift some duos must re-examine their unique quirks, learn to balance themselves in the upcoming turbulent waters of this thing called life.

Can the Mutual and ever comedic Dee and Denzel learn to peacefully coexist? Will Hailey and Monáe’s discovery of their Friendly relationship change their long-standing friendship? Will Ashley and Roscoe, Lovers, be broken up by something developed during their G/P partnership? How long can the Enemies dyad, Brandon and Tina, go before they reach full fisticuff status? When will Alexander find the inner strength to escape the brutal cycle of mistreatment George, his Abuse Protected, subjects him to?

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT AHEAD - language, violence, sex, alcohol use, brief allusions to self-harm, and abuse. The :heart: emoji is used to identify chapters that include sexual situations.

If my story’s not your cup of tea then maybe you’ll like one of these lovely ladies’ stories :blush: @CEJeffery @shutupsinderella


-Paranormal/supernatural/urban fantasy :white_check_mark:
-romance :white_check_mark:
-urban fantasy (mine kinda crosses genres) :white_check_mark:
-I’m good with mature as long as you tell me why: Violence, language, sex, sexual assault references. Nothing you could categorize as “erotica” or anything gratuitous in the violence/assault categories.
-powerful women :white_check_mark:
-COMPLETED :white_check_mark: :smile:

No werewolves, a few vampires, mostly angels/demons/heaven/hell/immortals in general. Fae, yes. No subs/passives. No human pets or toxic relationships or dehumanizing arcs. :+1:

An illegally-born immortal becomes the epicenter of the conflict between Heaven and Hell after she’s commanded to retrieve the High Councilor’s truant son from the human world.

Click the image :point_up: to read.

Hybrid immortal Katherine “Kitty” Ambrose’s existence is illegal. Heaven has strict procreation laws and her birth violated them. She should have been terminated, but the High Council of Heaven made a rare exception-and trained her as a hunter of Hell’s immortals instead. Perpetually indebted to the High Council, Kitty is ordered into the human world to retrieve Storm, the son of the High Councilor, who has failed to make a rendezvous with the heavenly ambassadors after a visit to Earth.

Storm is a highly celebrated, prestigious immortal known for the silver color of his blood. Well-loved, charismatic, and unfairly exempt from some of the expectations of Heaven’s immortals, Kitty has a years-long prejudice against immortals like him. Storm becomes the least of her concerns, however, when Hell issues a demand–the delivery of Kitty as a prisoner to their army–for reasons unknown. As Heaven spirals toward an inevitable war against Hell, Kitty faces challenges inside and outside of Heaven’s domain, and within herself, while trying to walk the line between honorable loyalty–and passionate liberty.

Mature themes: Violence, language, sex, sexual assault references. Sexual content chapters will be marked with :boom:to help avoid triggers.

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I have a short story you might be interested in.

Sariel book cover fixed
(Click on cover to read)

Servant to the goddess Siren and part of the angelic-like Ibis race, Sariel has fought through her own share of battles. She’s witnessed the birth and downfall of civilizations, seen the origins of stars and traveled the universe. When Sariel was assigned as part of a mission to help a particular planet’s species grow and develop in the right direction, she encounters a new threat she’s never considered; another Ibis.

Gabriele, the Ibis sent to lead the mission, is more interested in having the lands worship the Ibis, rather than actually help them survive and thrive. As their clashes grew ever more fierce, Sariel eventually made a mistake she regrets in the years to come.

Now, Sariel works as a graphic designer for Skybird PR firm. Her office mate Etta remineds Sariel of her past, and her voice helps Sariel see from a new perspective the choices she made, and how to work to fix them.

I have a completed story that can be read entirely from a male POV, but it’s more a love story than full-blown romance. Let me know if you’d be interested or if you particularly want Romance (with a capital R!)

I’m not sure if my story fit in your descriptions (they are a bit confusing to me), but I put it anyway. It’s a story about people who survived unlucky events. It’s not horror, but I guess it can be called a thriller. I wrote it to make people think, I don’t know if you like that. You can read just one part of if, since every chapters have a different story. The book is not finished, but every part I already published are finished stories.

Hi there. I think I’ve seen your post earlier so I might have pitched my story already. Here it is in case if you didn’t see it.

Title/link: DRAGONSKY :sparkles: ONC 2020 SHORTLIST :sparkles: - COMPLETE.
Genre: Skypunk / High fantasy.

Ansgarde believes that dragons are not extinct. If only she can break their curse, she will fly with a dragon among islands floating in the sky.

For recommendations, check out The Dreamers by @salemkeating

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Link please

Oof, was the image not linked? Sorry!

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No worries

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I have a short story collection that checks some of your boxes. Each piece is based on one of the nine circles of Hell.

-It’s complete.
-Stories 1 and 5 are Greek myth stories.
-Stories 3 and 5 have female protagonists (neither are particularly powerful in the faces of their opponents, but both fight how they can).
-Stories 1 and 7 are myth retelling.
-Story 8 is rated mature for disturbing implications of child abuse. But nothing graphic.

To be clear, Stories 1, 3, 5, 8 and 9 are more standard short stories, while the others are poems or other forms of writing. If you’re not interested in those formats, stick to what I’ve listed.

Genre- fantasy/adventure

-magical realism✅

-romance (AND LOTS OF IT):white_check_mark:

-urban fantasy✅

-stories that break stereotypes (e.g. damsels in distress) :white_check_mark:

Blurb- As wielders of colour, they are your identity, they make who you are, a defender, an offender or a creator. In a reality structured on colours, Ariel’s little brother is identified as colourless, something that is never heard of. But she is not someone who steps back from protecting her family.

Finding a cure all the while protecting the family secret seems to be too much for Ariel, especially when she keeps unearthing deep-buried secrets.

1 tablespoon of fantasy, 1 teaspoon of si-fi, fistfuls of action and adventure with a pinch of cute romance.

Be aware, this book is going to make you cry happy tears!

Xtreme stereotype breaking, but rated mature for Victorian like description of intimacy and matriarchal, polyandrous setting

She Kills Elephants and Men

Rebelling against the peaceful ideals of her upbringing, Ismar climbs the ranks of a fabled mercenary company seeking glory, fortune, and to build her own powerful matriarchal clan. Yet until she sees men as more than pretty faces, she won’t realize her true calling—to be the force of change in the world.

Pitched against monsters, calamities, and other women, Ismar never hesitates to fight dirty, be it in love or in war. There seems to be no force in the universe that could stop her from amassing a glittering collection of riches and men.

A childhood friend who isn’t so naive after all.

An ice-eyed warrior from the land of the witches.

An intractable artist in an assassin’s bondage.

A shadow master whose promises are poison.


A dreamy Duke without a crown.

Four she marries, and one she doesn’t in the name of living happily now, not after. Come along for Ismar’s wild hunt!

P.S. Yes, of course it’s steamy.

Ismar (1)

Hey! Not sure if you like sci-fi, but I’ve got one in progress with a powerful female MC…I update frequently, at least once a week.

Title: King Eden
Chapters so far: 7
Blurb: At the crimson throne sits the ruthless and fearsome King Eden, Earth’s deadliest assassin and Mars’ greatest threat. When her son is kidnapped in an elaborate ploy by the Martians to take her life, she abandons her kingdom to unite her enemies and seek revenge.

RC eden.PNG