I was reading a book but forgot the name and now can’t find it.

A girl lives with her best friend
A Mexican cop moves in next door
The main characters parents died a few years ago and it turns out the Mexican cop was on her case
And they love each other
And the ppl who killed her parents found her so they run away together to his home place in Mexico.
Sometimes he speaks in Spanish throughout the book
And the killer ends up being her real dad

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Did you end up finding it?

Bc if not I found a book that has the same details you said.

I can message you the title? I can’t say the title on here, I might get dinged for promoting stories (even if its not my story)

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Yasss please send it

Hi there :wave:

As you’re looking for a specific story, your thread is better suited to the #share-your-story:story-requests category. I’ve moved it there for you.

Thanks for understanding,

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The Cop Next Door by princess-fill

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