Help Me Out


I’ve been trying my hand at improving my vector/ minimalistic cover ‘portfolio’ more or less starting it over again from scratch as the ones I made from last year were absolute sh*t, and they are probably still horrible now. I have made a few that I’m proud of, but now I have run out of ideas/ inspiration on what to base covers on.

Can people give me random objects/ scenes and colour schemes to base covers off of?

So far I’ve done: headphones with a pink colour scheme, a fancy looking earth with a black colour scheme, lightbulb with blue, an aeroplane with pink and yellow, a desk with light blue and a rain cloud with a grey scheme.

Idek if any of that made any sense but I’m just going to go with it :sweat_smile:


My suggestion would be to think about the types of stories or genres that exist on Wattpad, then from that, think about a symbol or object that could be associated with each.

For example, for Vampire some kind of mouth or fangs seems likely (it’s pretty common, though)

For Adventure or Fantasy different shapes of swords would probably work for many titles. Curved swords, long swords, crossing sword blades, etc.

For Contemporary or maybe ChickLit maybe something like a lipstick tube, a coffee mug, a diary with key, a fashionable shoe, a wedding veil…?

The airplane you have is good for anything with travel. What about a ship version, or a palm tree, or a famous landmark like The Pyramids of Giza? (images of some landmarks may fall under a kind of intellectual property rule, so check on that. I’m not really sure about it. Might be OK if it’s art.)

What would the symbol for Werewolf/CEO be? Maybe something with a man’s necktie and something?? The moon?


Thanks! I didn’t think about it that way :sweat_smile:

I’m going to try some of those things :upside_down_face:


Oooh, those are pretty cool! I love vector art on covers. As for themes/objects… Hmm… Many fantasy novels have plots related to kingdoms and royalty, so what about symbolism for that? Like a golden crown, for example? If the story is dark there could be some blood, or maybe thorns wrapped around the crown? I’m just flinging ideas out there! :lumi:


Thanks! Those ideas are also great, I’ll try some out! :upside_down_face:


Try something writing related with beige? xD Like a paper or a pen or stuff like that.


I actually have a very good idea for that one, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


No prob!