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Hey people, as the title implies, I’ve been trying to figure out a new title for my story. When I started writing it, I didn’t really have a title in mind, so I just chose “The Games of Love,” but now I don’t like it and I think it doesn’t show the true essence of the story. Besides, it’s too cliched. I was hoping that would attract more readers even though I hate cliched stuff, but that didn’t work. Now I was trying to pick another title that is more suitable and at the same time attractive.

The story is mainly about Nour, a thirteen year old girl, who goes on a vacation to Egypt, her home-country. She stays in her family’s building where her childhood friends (Mahmoud, Karam, and Akram) are living. As they hang out together, she discovers how much they changed since she saw them two years ago. She starts developing feelings for Mahmoud and discovers many things about him throughout the story. Many problems happen both among the boys and between them and their parents. Nour attempts to help but it doesn’t always work out. By the end, they teenagers reach important conclusions and learn new things about themselves and how to deal with teenage problems and life in general.

The main themes are pure love, youth, and conflict between generations. I have several titles in mind but I’d like to get some ideas from you so I can pick the best title in the end. Any help would be of great value. Thank you :smile:

If the setting is arid, you might do something such as The Sands of Time.

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I suggest The Awakening as the title :slight_smile:

Maybe Serendipity.

Love vacation, Egyptian Love, Sandard holiday (this one’s a joke), Impression of youth

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Who keep fucking harassing me with the post flags? Talk to me directly.

It gives me the impression that it’s a bit historic and that doesn’t suit my story, but thanks for the idea! :smile:

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It’s a good idea and suits the themes. I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks! :smile:

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Hmm, I don’t know if it’s the title I’m looking for. Thanks though! :smile:

Good ideas, I’ll keep them in mind. Thanks :blush:

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