Help me pick my cover!

I am in the middle of making a book!
I made many good covers I love them all but I don’t know which one is good!
So here is a poll!
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  • Umm I think the cover deserves another cover. This one is not really representing the book!

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Please help a girl out!

It’s about a boy that nobody wants be around. He gets bullied by the same person. Inside his home his mother is a drug addict and his father is a hard working but sometimes he has drinking problems. Which leads him doing both things but not around his parents… He rarely sees his parents because they are mostly not at home so he tries to keep his home nice and organized.

His friends Sofia and Leonardo are always hanging out with him. The three friends always hang out. they are always hanging out!

In school he is not popular nor the most weirdest kid. Some find him to be the bad boy but they don’t give home the attention. At the end of the day he is just living his american life. when he is alone in his thoughts its just sad sometimes he cries but no one ever sees him doing it.

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I really adore the first one but I can’t see the “written by”?

I didnt put a written by

Oh, OK, so a suggestion I have is to add that in.

The “Top Best Books…” line is a little hard to read. Maybe make it more bold? Other than that, I find the first cover to be the catchiest!

Doesn’t it say written by Princess?
The outline of the guy in the first one looks a bit…distorted somehow.
On the second…the back of the guy allows us to project what he might look like. And that’s a good thing, to make a suggestion and let us do the hard work of filling in the blanks.
In the end, you are the one who needs to be happy with it because as you update, you’ll see it…over and over again…and it will bother you if it doesn’t ring true.

okay! thanks

Since you want some help, then i will go all out for this one:

The idea behind the first one is quite interesting, it’s simple and at least the title can be read. But if you need improvements, I’d suggest you make the title a complete white, give it a small black glow so it can be separated from the picture and do the same with the small text beneath it.

Both of the other covers have poor contrasts and also their designs are not that fascinating.

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