Help me pick my next project!

Hi all! NaNoWriMo is around the corner screams internally and I need help picking my story for this year. My main wattpad story (Vyron) right now is actually my NaNo story from a few (like five…) years ago. Since I am almost half done with that I feel the need to pick a new project. That’s where you come in!

I’ve got three main ideas I am debating between and need your help! I’ve got three ideas I need help deciding between. I’ve got a poll for voting but I would LOVE to hear your reasons why and/or your thoughts on the ideas. If you see any way I could improve them or things you would REALLY like to see in them I would enjoy hearing those too!

It should go without saying but PLEASE do not steal any of my ideas, titles, etc. Thank you! :heart:

Without further adieu:
#1- Army of lies
Genre: Dystopian
Due to an outbreak in genetic warfare (NOT zombies) children become the primary fighting and work force while the remaining corrupt adults hold all the power. Doc and her brother are part of one of the few rebellion groups that have not yet been caught. When her brother, Tank, is captured, Doc must step forward as the leader in the fight for their lives.

#2- Beyond Nod
Genre: Low fantasy
Josline has been able to walk through dreams as long as she could remember. Growing up it was a curse now, as a broke college kid, she uses it to her advantage. The government uses her as a “secret weapon” to gain intel from suspected spies. Plus she dabbles in a few less honorable “side gigs.” Things get all too real when an eirie figure starts showing up in dreams and peoples’ wildest dreams - and worst nightmares - begin following her to the waking world.

#3- Community college for the magically Inept
Genre: Low fantasy (I think, lots of development needed on this one)
Axel is not “the chosen one” he isn’t “the child of prophesy.” He didn’t lose his parents mysteriously or have a dark past. He isn’t even that good at magic! But when a gang of stereotypical jocks picks on his roommate, Axel uncovers magic he didn’t know he had. Magic that isn’t supposed to exist.

  • #1- Army of lies
  • #2- Beyond Nod
  • #3- School for normals

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I want to know more about Axel and that’s a good thing. So go with it and try as much to keep the reader me wanting more and thus making the reader me not drop the book. That’s why I chose it

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Thank you for the feedback! I love writing and reading character-driven stories.

What do you think makes you want to know more about Axel? Is it because he seems relatable or is it something else?

For starters, he doesn’t know what he is which is very relatable because no one knows who they really are until forced to by certain life events

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That is a really great point! Thank you for your wonderful insight!

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Happy to help

They all sound interesting but Beyond Nod really stands out for me

To be honest, I’d love to see all of these written at some point—I had a hard time choosing just one.

I voted for Army of Lies, because I see potential and I do like a good dystopian. Beyond Nod has an amazing concept, and the idea of dreams becoming a reality is something to play with.

Axel’s story does appear vague for the most part, but I can sense that you have yet to fully develop and explore his potential. Based on your first two ideas, I’m thinking that his story can come along just as well, with time.

What I’m saying is: write them all—why not? But also start with the idea most vivid and vibrant in your head. c:


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me! I really appreciate it! I definitely hope to write them all at some point.

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Glad to hear it. :sparkles:

World needs more not harry potter stories.

Gonna close the poll and decide in the next hour!

Edit: Closed now!