Help me with my storyline!

I started this novella ‘Dynamite Touch’, based on a fantasy genre.
But, how am I supposed to make a guy (Holden Ignatius) who can’t recognize faces, fall in love with a girl who can’t speak (Everleigh Evageline) ? :sob:

Here’s a quick description:
*Holden Ignatius make his living by copying other’s memories and selling them to people who want to remember things they have never done. Twenty-one years old, tattooed, pierced, college dropout, rebellious and broker are few of his attributes. *

Everleigh Evageline who is twenty-five, a self-made entrepreneur and heiress of Evageline Clothing Brand, lives a lavish life.

Their lives are linked because of an accident since young age. In spite of surviving the lethal fate together, they have no memory of it. Holden is left with face blindness and an ability to remember every details of his life vividly, whereas Everleigh loses her voice and becomes claustrophobic.

Everleigh tries to sell off her nightmares, when her path crosses with Holden. Memories of the forgotten past surfaces and for the first time in a while, Holden can see faces while dreaming.

Falling in love with a girl, so vivid and loud in his mind, will Holden be able to recognise Everleigh in absence of her voice and a face? A dynamtie touch is all he’s looking for!

Feel free to share you views! Even constructive criticism is welcomed! :smile:

I think you have it in the title already-- Dynamite Touch. Since seeing and hearing won’t work you could focus on other senses. Smell, touch, taste. It’s said that smell carries a very strong memory. What if there’s a unique scent about her that he can recognize, or maybe they used to share food together. Depending on this accident, maybe they held hands during recovery efforts before they were separated.

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OMG, thank you! I can go this way around too. Only touch seemed like a weak option. I can definitely go with smell. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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