Help me with my work!!!


Look i need all the smart ones help…
Just say ‘what do you need help on’
and i will give you an assinment…
please i need a good grade and need this done by jan 24


Eff it, I’m game. What do you need help on?


okay could i send you my math work on pm or here??


Ah, that kind of help.

I royally suck at math.


i have english?


What type of math? I’ve tutored people over the internet before, but I’m only good at some types of math so whether I can help or not depends on what you need help with.


Is this homework you’ve worked on and just need someone to check?


Oh, I thought you were asking for writing help because this is Wattpad. Sorry, my math class days are long behind me.




THIS IS WORK :blush:


I guess my English class days are long behind me too, but I actually retained that info and built on it afterward, as you might guess from my Wattpad membership. It’s like the tee shirt says: “I’m an English major. You do the math.”

For math help, may I suggest a site with more STEM nerds like reddit homework help?

Though you might edit your top post to include an example of the problem at hand. There’s a slight chance I or someone else might recognize it.


Are you seriously asking strangers online to do your homework for you? :flushed:




Hey, I would have done the same thing if it had been available during my school days.


ikr, the nerve some people have… unbelievable… :expressionless::unamused:


I personal think this is a good idea. Mabye they want help with the work because it’s tough for them and asking for it on a site like this is really brave. Besides, its in the cafe part so I don’t see the problem. I would’ve done it in my school days. I did do it in my school days lol

Anyways, I’m not bad or necessary good at one subject in general but I’ll offer my help so long as you put in the effect to learn it and do it as well. I won’t do the homework but I’ll help you do the homework.


I offered to tutor them, to help them work the problems theirself and hopefully learn how to, but since they didn’t respond, I’m guessing they’re looking for someone to actually do all the work for them.


Well, I definitely don’t want to encourage that part. Helping them do it I’m all for but not having someone else do it.

I saw that you offered (well, I went back lol sorry) But I agree if they don’t respond back to you like they did the others that you’re right about them not wanting the help.


I don’t really blame them for trying to get someone else to do it. I haven’t been out of school long enough to forget how much I hated doing math homework. But it’s still a shame when someone doesn’t want to learn.


Amen sister.

We all had to do it ourselves! :laughing: