Help me with my work!!!


whats the problem with that??


why do you have a problem??


why do you care??


no, im sorry by the time i was getting to reply to you my computer was acting wierd so i gave it a rest. I would definitely love your help


Do you seriously even have to ask?


i cant ask for help??


From what I can tell, you’re not asking for help. You’re asking strangers to do your homework for you.
And if you don’t understand why that is a problem, I worry.


im not trying to give them my work, i give them the link to read it and then they help me…


Okay. I’d suggest asking your teachers for help in the future. :blush:


hold up. are you home schooled? or public?
i am home schooled my teachers always told me ‘if there is any way i get help besides them, get it’


If it’s math I suggest using apps or websites like PhotoMath, you take a picture of the problem and they solve it for you while showing you how to do it. There are other sites that I’ve used in the past, I’ll send now.



thank you!!


I’ve gone to both public, private, and boarding school.
Homeschooled isn’t even an option where I live, so didn’t think of that.
– Then I would ask your mom or dad. :blush:


how when math, english, and other subjects always changes…please explain?
just give up


Clearly I can’t answer that because I don’t know what the problem is.
Since your parents took on the responsibility of teaching you at home, I would assume they can answer your questions.


yea just stay quiet…im tired of you now.


@somerandomer2 is a math tutor ask him (he’s also a nice guy… ish :wink: )


And rude. :flushed:


Maybe OP needs outside help because the teacher couldn’t explain it in a way she understood? I mean, when I’ve been confused by a math lecture, the last thing I want is more of the same.