Help me with my work!!!


This is why I don’t homeschool my kids. The only historic battle I know is the one between Biggie and Tupac.


:joy::joy::joy::raising_hand_woman:t4: I love you!
I know, i didnt have a choice


What do you need help in?


math could i send you the link in pm?


yeah go for it


This was super rude. English and math are not subjects that always change, they actually haven’t in years. I get that you’re homeschooled, but surely there’s a better way to look for help like getting a tutor or searching up online. Don’t you have siblings or neighbors to help you? Family members? Otherwise, why be homeschooled if you’re going to look for people online to do it for you?


Sure you can ask people online but you should have prepared yourself to have people question why exactly you’re on a writing forum looking for people to do your homework, it’s the internet and it’s a free space. Now, being disrespectful and telling someone to be quiet is just a big no


If you want help, just stick a screenshot of the question on the thread.


Why did you have a choice about homeschool? Did your parents insist? I’m curious.


no, i was forced


There is nothing wrong with getting other people to do your homework for you, if someone is nice enough to do it then what’s the harm?


When I have a math problem I go to khan academy or watch YouTube tutorials, that’s something that’s free and anyone can access and 9/10 times you will know how to do it


Youtube is surprisingly good


You need to check yourself if you don’t know that.


I get it! I mean it’s their choice and I don’t want to judge.

Though wouldn’t it be even more gratifying if you go look on the internet or somewhere, even ask help and then be able to to the problem by yourself because you got all the explanations right? :relaxed:


Im in second year of my degree and its served me fine thus far


Yeah thats true, but 90% of the content you learn in school you won’t use again in life. For the purpose of getting a good grade, it doesnt matter how you got a good grade, just that you did.


please get off this thread if you are going to be creating arguments
@somerandomer2 congrats on the second degree


congrats on the second degree i didn’t know that


I haven’t. But you know what? Now I am.
You need to be able to handle people not agreeing with you and questioning what you’re doing. If you can’t, then you shouldn’t put yourself in those types of situations.
Furthermore, I have not been rude to you at any point. You, however, can not say the same. So who is it that’s creating an argument?