Help me with my work!!!


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: the internet is not for judging


Context matters. If you have a profile on OkCupid, that means you’re willing to recieve male attention and be judged by your appearance. If you post a story on Wattpad, don’t be surprised if someone pokes holes in your writing.

And if you ask for math help from a bunch of English nerds…I don’t know what you can expect. :smirk:


I know :joy::joy::joy:


For Pete’s sake, @PrincessRadiOfficial is young enough to lack personal agency and raised by parents who care even less about education than she does. There’s probably some inherited learning disabilities at work here which have turned her whole family off from public education since the beginning of time. I don’t know what the solution is, but I doubt it involves yelling at her.


Really? My take on her comments was that she’s actually in public school and was using ‘homeschooling’ as a cop out to get help. :laughing:


No, I know one or two girls that actually happened to. So I’ll believe OP.


Oh! Me, me, me!!! Chose me! What do you need help with?
Warning: I suck at Math.


You know, tearing other people down doesn’t raise you up.

Am I lazy? Good question. On one hand, I coasted through college with a liberal arts major. On the other, I recently won Nanowrimo by the middle of November despite caring for two kids and being pregnant with a third. Eh, maybe I am lazy.


could you help me with english??


I warn you though that I will most likely have to go between different things, though I will help as much as I possibly can.


What do you need help on PrincessRadi?


How the hell am I tearing you down??? You’re a grown ass woman, this is obviously a kid. I do understand you’ve got your accomplishments. I have mine too, just don’t brag about them. And yeah, I’ve been to uni as well, got my masters through hard work, not cheating. I’m surprised you think that’s okay. You should know better.As a mother of 3 you should set the example instead of supporting this sort of behaviour. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Damn, I came here because I wanted to help her. But there’s a lot of wrong with asking strangers online to do your work for you. Period. And if you think otherwise then I just feel sorry for you. Now, could you please leave me alone and go bugging someone else?:roll_eyes:



Also you:



If you’re this sensitive, maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t be here???:thinking: And from what I’ve noticed you like to argue online, stirring the pot whenever you can…:expressionless:The sad thing is that I’d expect this sort of behaviour from a teenger, not an adult. Wow.:roll_eyes: I’m not gonna argue with you anymore, that’s a waste of my time. BYE!!!


You guys are a combination of sweet, helpful and open-minded, but there actually are a lot of assumptions being made on this thread.

Namely, that the parents don’t want to provide a quality education for the OP or that there are better alternatives than the homeschool experience the OP is already getting.

For example, I homeschool my kids through an online charter public school. I happen to work from home, have a higher than average education level for my socioeconomic level (I started college at 16 and was a gifted student), and know how to use the internet to find any answers I can’t figure out to help my kids.

But, many parents of traditional brick-and-mortar and online schools aren’t equipped with all the above, and they rely on their children to do the best they can with what they’ve got. This sometimes means seeking help online.

i mention traditional brick-and-mortar schools in this b/c many public schools lack the resources to provide the best or even a standard education to students, too. In fact, this is one reason I homeschool my kids. The local public school is known for violence, poor metriculation, and a high pregnancy and drop-out rate. For the record, it’s a small rural town where all the factory jobs (except one mill) dried up a decade ago.

So, guys, please don’t be quite so ready to judge the situation as neglect or a lack of willpower on the parents’ part. Rather, look at how resourceful this kid is for being determined to get their work done, starting on it in a timely manner, and reaching out for help when necessary.

@PrincessRadiOfficial, feel free to message me if you need one-to-one help. I’m always online, and my kids are in 8th and 9th grade. I’m best at English, Spanish, Science and History.


If you just posted the damn question, you could have avoided all this.


Thanks for steering this thread back to topic.

I went to a good public school and even my math classes were traumatic. If you didn’t comprehend it as the textbook described it, good luck. It was rare to get a math teacher who could creatively present the concept so everyone understood it. Even though my teachers in other subjects often had that skill.


@PrincessRadiOfficial, I believe this thread illustrates the real life risks of “tell instead of show.” If instead of vaguely saying “I need help” and then mentioning homework, you said “I need math homework help” and put one of your math problems in the comment text as an example, this thread would be much shorter and to the point. I still have no idea what kind of math you’re doing. And that makes a difference – long division made me cry, but I actually did figure out trigonometry at some point.


It’s because you don’t learn Maths by someone explaining it to you, the key is always practice, looking at examples. Maybe explain the ideas behind it once or twice but nobody really understands it until after 2 or 3 examples.

There are many topics where nobody even explained anything but rather just jumped straight into examples because it’s always the best way to understand it.


I remember the math teacher made sounds that could have been an explanation, did something on the whiteboard, assigned us a few problems, and I still had no idea what was going on. Even a few weeks later on test day, I could barely distinguish those equations from a random number generator. If there was any underlying logic, it was not apparent to me.

Until the day we had to do a “real world” text version of that equation. Then I understood it when none of my classmates did. But I still couldn’t quite translate it back to that equation.