Help :( My "About me" description disappeared?

I didn’t do anything and I go to my profile page and suddenly the entire (well-thought, well-crafted) description about me is completely gone.

If it’s about the linktree link, I can fix that and delete it. I made some nice short summaries of my stories and I would like those back :frowning_face: I worked hard on making my description clear…I should have saved it, but I didn’t think it would disappear.

I sent a ticket to support.

I just…want my stuff back :confounded:

If it needs editing, send it to my email. I just want the nice descriptions back :confused:

Sounds like a bug to me. Have you heard back from support? Maybe it’s a good idea to keep your bio saved somewhere else, so you can just copy it back into your profile.

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I haven’t heard back yet, so I just went ahead and made a new bio. I saved it elsewhere.

I’ve heard of this happening to a couple of other people recently. Like @floranocturna mentioned, it sounds like a bug - it’s a public holiday in Canada today which might account for a delay in a response. In the past, this happened to a group account I was in, and after a few days the bio came back of its own accord :sweat_smile:

Holiday? Hm… well, I wrote up a new bio because it just bothered me to not have one :confused: Idk what will happen. Do you know if Wattpad keeps data of people’s bios? Could they send it to me or something?

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I’m afraid I’m not sure - the only thing I could suggest is going into the support centre and waiting for their response to your ticket, or tagging on a note to the ticket :confused:

Got a response :smiley: Hope things get sorted out now :slight_smile:


Awesome! And :crossed_fingers:

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