HELP! My account has been deleted and support is ghosting me!

Trying to make this short because it‘s only a matter of time for this account to be deleted too.

My account and everything with it has been deleted without any kind of warning! I received an email from Wattpad telling me my account has been deleted and that I violated the rules.

They never said which rule and when/which story, they just gave me a bunch of links to my deleted stories, which is absolutly useless. Also, I‘ve never been warned, so this happened completly out of the blue.

I‘ve created a new account to contact support and the ambassadors. Both did not reply to me – instead they deleted that account too, which made me lose access to my submitted ticket. They have my email and can contact me with it, but I highly doubt they will. I don‘t know what else I could do. Please help me.

Yes, I just posted this in the ambassdadors AMA, but now I can finally make my own post, so I did.

Accounts will usually only get deleted if you’ve broken rules repeatedly, showing little to know interest in following them. It’s pretty uncommon for an account to be removed.

It’s a lot more common to get a story deleted for all sorts of pretty valid reasons.

If you are under the age of thirteen, your account can be removed. Besides that, like I said, it’s mostly about the refusal to follow the rules of the site. They don’t generally warn people about deleting an account or story, which is frustrating. I do feel like they should be a least a 24 hour period between a warning and deletion so there’s a chance of backing up any unsaved stories onto another platform.

What sort of stories did you have on your account?


Uh no offense but did you? 'Cause I never got you PMing me :thinking:

The only time I did accidently breake a rule was several years back when I gave my story the wrong rating (putting it on E instead of mature). This was the only time.
I’m an adult.
I did write some pretty “serious/gruesome/graphic” stuff (rape, violence, self harm), but I NEVER sugarcoated or glorified it. Also, my content has been on Wattpad for years and I had more than 8,000 followers, so even if that was the reason for removal, I think I should have been warned waaay earlier.

Yup, I did. But the German ones since I am German and all my stuff was German and I thought that was the right person to contact.

Yeah, this person on Reddit is me.

Ok, if you had your work on profile long enough then did you read the content guidelines of this year? And do you have drafts? If yes, check it and compare the content guidelines.

And did you check ticket record?

“did you read the content guidelines of this year?”
I did and I am sure I did not violate any of these rules.

“And did you check ticket record?”
I cant access the ticket directly, but everytime the ticket is updated I will get an email, so I am checking my email every few hours. So far still no response from support.

Update: I submitted my ticket around 70 hours ago, still no answer. Yes, I checked my spam folder.
And just to be absolutely clear: The first and last time I was warned by wattpad was several years ago when I accidentally gave my story the wrong rating.
The content I post is not for the light-hearted, but I am 100% certain I did not violate any rules. I’ve read the guidelines several times and if wanted or still in doubt I can write down the rules one by one and explain why I am sure I did not broke them.

This is really terrifying that this can happen without any prior warning. 8k followers is nothing to scoff at and it sounds like you’ve done a lot of hard work to make sure you were still within community and content guidelines.

There’s a HUGE difference between deleting a book over an entire account, especially with no warning and no explanation. To me, that seems very very fishy.

I’m worried that this isn’t even the first or tenth time I’ve heard of this happening, and it seems to be getting worse recently. Wattpad should AT LEAST warn its users so that they have an opportunity to at least fix the apparent issue. Doing so and destroying an authors base and years of hard work on here with just a click of a button and no warning should never even be an option in my opinion.


Also may you screenshot your ticket record just to see? If you get email, the ticket record is also there not inaccessible.

Yes, but did you try asking HQ about your content (before your account got deleted) by reporting your story or sending ticket?

‘We want your experience to be positive and uninterrupted, however if you violate any of our policies, we have a system in place that tracks these violations. In most cases, we’ll send you a warning before we take other measures. Any repeat offenders may have their accounts closed. Users actions are linked to the holder of the account, not the account(s) themselves.’

They do give warning but as above it depends on how users broke something. We don’t know anything. Even if users told their proof, that doesn’t mean we have to trust only one side of their story. Again, we don’t know but only HQ and user knows.

Obviously there’s two sides to every story. Maybe HQ is totally in the right. Who knows.

It’s just that this users story looks far more genuine than HQ’s right now with them not responding to the user for 3 days and the user not having received any type of warning in several years before their entire account was deleted.

There’s lots of these posts all the time and most of the time, I don’t believe the users haven’t done anything wrong to warrant the action taken. This time feels different which is why I spoke up in support of the user.

I’ve heard pretty trustworthy rumors of HQ deleting books and accounts for breaking rules that aren’t stated anywhere.


“Yes, but did you try asking HQ about your content (before your account got deleted) by reporting your story or sending ticket?”
No, I did not. I thought the rules where pretty clear and as long as I followed them there would be no reason to worry.

I get what you mean and I do agree a little HQ should tell ‘hey, you violated this and that in this chapter and that’ but even then I’m also unsure that even if telling, users might be hiding it and not tell or go further (of course I mean some users, not all) but content in detail are also complicated.

Even I as content had to learn over and over : P

But one thing I always know is they never delete without reason or crazy like how some users assume Ambassadors are. There are guides and learning and sometimes maybe there are mistakes (but that’s a few), still there’s always reason.

Yes, but when you’re in doubt you can ask. That’s reason why the report story option had ‘my own story content’ there (just to note, it’s not new either. It was always there) or support tickets :sweat_smile:

Rumors … trustworthy … sorry. Those two things rarely go together.

I have yet to see a single user say, “Yep. I screwed up. My fault.” But I’ll guarantee the majority, if not all, did.


You have absolutely no real proof that this is factual. None. Sure they said it, but how do you know one way or the other? You don’t know this person any more than I do.

I’m not saying it isn’t factual - I’m just saying that, as Angel said, you’re getting one side of the story. You have no clue or proof as to the facts other than their words - which may or may not be true.

You’ll never hear HQ’s side, and what they have or have not done. HQ won’t talk about this case, or any case with anyone but the user involved, because they respect privacy concerns. This means, basically, that a user can say anything they want without being refuted.

Personally I’m inclined to side with HQ, because I’ve seen them go through this process many times and never saw an account removed without good reason.

You are, of course, free to believe whatever you like.

I found some surprising wisdom in a story pointed out to me by a disgruntled user, who thought the story was calling out someone (it wasn’t). This user said something that made a lot of sense.

WHY? What reason would Wattpad have for summarily removing a user or user content that was not in some way objectionable? What’s the motive? There’s no profit, no benefit.

Look at all the people who are out there dissing Wattpad for whatever - why add to that by removing something that was not against the Guidelines. Why?

It makes no sense.


I totally agree with you. What does Wattpad gain from banning me or any other user? Absolutely nothing. Which confuses me even more. And no matter if it was a mistake or I deserve the ban - what’s the harm of telling me why?
The only reason I can think of why this is taking so long is that maybe they are currently reviewing my stuff and since it is so much (more than a dozen stories, more than 700,000 words) they are busy for a while. But even if that’s the case, a simple “We’re looking into it, please give us a few days” would really do no harm. I don’t understand why they are not replying to me.

Did I ever claim that I did? No, I actually think I said that this was just my opinion.

Ah, yes. Here

Also as I said, HQ could be in the right. Though, to our knowledge they still haven’t responded and the work week is about to be over so they won’t have to respond to the user for the entire weekend. That doesn’t look good for their side of the story.

And yes, lots of times users in these situations tend to lie and actually be in the wrong (As I also mentioned. Perhaps you missed that part of my comment?) Those users tend to get very hostile very quickly and their stories don’t match up over time.

This user hasn’t been the bit hostile and more so just worried, which is why I’m more inclined to believe that they genuinely haven’t heard anything from HQ and have scoured the guidelines to see if they’ve done anything wrong.

Again, it’s my opinion and I’m not claiming nor will I ever claim to have any factual proof of this. I’d love to believe that HQ is always in the right but this isn’t looking too good for them so far. Also, my main gripe in both posts that I’m not sure if you read or not was how, if Wattpad was going to delete someones entire account and hard work over the years, they at least need to send the user a message stating the issue so that the user can rectify the issue.

And that I will continue to stand by though it’s also just my opinion :wink: