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Hey, just wanted to ask if you think that itโ€™s a good idea to include a prologue. I normally do, so I can set the basis for my first chapter, but if Iโ€™m still not sold on the concept. If anyone could make or break it, that would be perfect!


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general grammar (if you need of an editor, iโ€™m open for now)

point of view (are you confused on which one/s to use?)

beginnings are a bitch (how to start a story)

unrealistic plots you shouldnโ€™t fall for (if you donโ€™t know what NOT to write)


Prologues are fine โ€“ they give readers a general idea of what youโ€™re book is about, so, yeah go for it!


I think if it makes sense, and it isnโ€™t just a data dump, then prologues are totally fine.


Actually I sort of had a question about that too! Is it acceptable to have a prologue (idk if itโ€™s technically a prologue or not) with the POV of someone whoโ€™s not the protagonist at the beginning of a story? I had planned on making it 1 chapter, but I liked the random side characters in it so I decided to expand it to 3 chapters. Is that a bad idea, to have all this extra stuff before the main character is even introduced? I feel like it would help with world-building, but idk


Yes, thatโ€™s perfectly fine โ€“ just make sure you donโ€™t confuse readers. Any other questions? : )


Thatโ€™s it for now :joy: thanks!


Thereโ€™s a Novella called Heart of Darkness, which I think does this quite nicely. I believe the technique is called frame narration, although itโ€™s not in the prologue per se because it was written in 1899 before they were a thing?


Cool lol


Thank you!


I love Heart of Darkness! Iโ€™d forgotten it started out that way


Yeah haha I just wrote an essay on it like twenty minutes ago soโ€ฆ


No problem! If you ever need help with anything else, Iโ€™m here


Thank you :slight_smile:
Iโ€™m currently trying to write 1,000 words a day and I want to finish a short story Iโ€™ve been publishing.


Good luck!


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I think I heard Stephen King say that in a TedTalk (I could be wrong about that) so I thought it was a good start :slight_smile:


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