Help needed with Word document for book

Hey, I’ve recently finished writing a book, and decided to put the whole story in a word document. I was just wondering if by any chance someone would know how to change the setting of how big you want the pages to be. Obviously a book isn’t A4, and I don’t know how big normal book pages are and how I would be able to change that setting in Word. I’m just curious to see how many pages my book actually has if it were to get printed hopefully one day in the future.

If anyone knows, please help me out! Thanks!

If your goal is to find out around how many pages your book is when printed, a better rule of thumb is to go by word count. The Chamber of Secrets is around 85k words, and—as most people have one or all of the Harry Potter books around—you could use that to see how yours would stack up. Or you could look up books that’s you own and find the one’s with a word count as similar to yours as possible.

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As stated above, word count is better. It all depends on formatting and there are many different book sizes. Generally 100K words is around 400 pages of a fiction book. For reference.

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Thank you very much for the replies!

You need to set Word to the page size of the book. For example, it could be 6"x9" for a paperback. Go to Format and then Documents. Click on Layout. Then page setup. Then bring up the pull-down window under page size and choose manage custom sizes. Enter the paper size.

Then go back to Margins (instead of Layout) and set your top, bottom, left, and right margins.

Now you’ll have to change the font (including size) which is different for chapter titles than regular text. You’ll also need to format paragraphs to provide for Indents and Spacing.

There’s more too, like do you want chapters to begin on the right page only? And what to do if the last page of the chapter has little print on it, like one word or one sentence. Also, page numbers.

There’s probably more. That’s why I publish ebook only.

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I’m very confused with most of the words written here, but thanks a lot anyway, I’m sure that with this I’ll manage somehow!

On the top line in your Word document, the same line the word “Word” is on, click on “Format” (between “Insert” and “Tools”). You get a drop-down where you can change the Font, Paragraph, etc. Click on “Documents”. That brings up the drop-down where the “Margins” and “Layout” options are. Then follow what I said in my other post.

Right at the start when you create a new document you can choose different templates. Such as a normal document, a letter, a advertisement and so on. You can search for a book manuscript right above the examples. At least the german version has an extra template for book manuscripts that is already formatted the right way.
Idk if this helps you but maybe you could just copy past your story in there if you find one lol.
Hope I could kinda help you (:

I’m not sure if this is helpful to you or not. But my word document version of my final draft of my published book, including all the copy pages etc. was 193 pages long. It was in Times New Roman 12 pt font (except for the copy pages) and was put into single space for their formatting use. Since you should submit in double space, then imagine this as about 386 pages. The published book was 321 pages. So you can roughly estimate that in double space you’re more or less around what the printed paperback would look like. It’s not exact, but it’s in the same ball park.

All things included, it was about 105,000 words long.

Hope that helps!