HELP! Perhaps from a Moderator? Received a Weird PM from an unknown company.


I just received a PM from an account who joined Wattpad only 3 days ago…

This is their message:

Hey, Willa Windrow! I love your work, especially Finding Aster you posted. I’m reaching out from Xnovel, a newly launched online reading platform, to see if we might collaborate on something.
We are looking for talented writers and signing contract with them to upload quality novels on our platform. You might be offered benefits based on the amount of revenue your work could generate after being uploaded. And we will also invest in promoting your work in the Xnovel APP, which could help increase its exposure to a wider range of readers. May I please have your email address so that I can inform you of the progress of our products timely?
Let me know if you are interested! I can be reached at

Tried to look up the website, but didn’t find much…help please?

It’s a scam. Report the account for spam and solicitation and mute it.


Same. I got the exact same message from probably the same user about “Xnovel.” I reported the user.



A lot of writing websites that are crappy will try and poach writers from Wattpad, but it’s against Wattpad rules.


Thank you

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The same thing yesterday The contact name was Estelle. I’ve responded and said no, then reported her. I also muted her.

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Only because we are the best though.

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You can definitely argue that Wattpad is one of the best :laughing: Radish and Tapas are also on the list.

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@TheOrangutan FYI

Thank you.

If they’re already reported then Trust and Safety will deal with them and remove their accounts if they’re using Wattpad for business purposes


I received the exact message as described by @WillaWindrow today.
Thankfully I’d read this thread previously so I knew what to do : )

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MeToo from ‘estelle’.

I would have reported the message, but none of the available reasons to so covered it. Perhaps adding an ‘I suspect a scam’ option to the list would help.


Got the same problem. The account name is chenlin87. God knows how many accounts she has. Only difference is that the name of the platform is called Rnovel, the rest of the stuff is still the same.

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You can PM TheOrangutan about the matter. They are a WP staff and will handle the situation : )

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My PM was actually from a different user; but perhaps there are multiple users…

I got three different messages from Xnovel/Rnovel, all following the exact same script. How do I report them?

@WillaWindrow @Sandcat Hi, you can send the accounts to TheOrangutan :heart:


Got similar one from Hinovel

Thank you!